Rumoured Games Consoles Releasing In 2024

Rumoured Games Consoles Releasing In 2024

 As we enter the second half of the year, it’s time to take a look at some of the upcoming consoles we may be seeing hitting the shelves. Before we know it, Black Friday, Christmas and those January Sales will be upon us, and we know you’ll want to spend your money wisely on the top gaming and tech consoles. So let’s have a look at the rumoured gaming consoles releasing in 2024, along with a couple of 2025 entries that are making their way into the market.

(Please note: Most information in this blog is based on rumours and most details are not 100% confirmed.)

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PlayStation 5 Pro:

Release date: 2024 holiday period.

Original console release date: PS5 – November 2020, PS5 Slim – November 2023.

Features: Will be slightly more expensive but will work twice as well, will offer GPU and CPU upgrades, with GPU rendering “45 per cent faster than standard PlayStation 5.

Additional information: The ‘Holiday period’ is usually described as November-January so we could see this console arrive as soon as November. Following the previous console release dates, a November release seems most likely.


New Xbox Series X:

Release date: 2024 holiday period.

Original console release date: November 2023.

Features: New model won’t include a disc drive and will be all-digital. The inside is identical to the Xbox Series X, with the same performance for existing Xbox games. Will be available in white.

Additional information: ‘Holiday period’ is usually described as November-January so we could see this console arrive as soon as November. Always seems to release same time as the PlayStation so it is likely we will see this console in November 2024.


Legion Go 2:

Release date: October 2024.

Original console release date: October 2023.

Features: The new edition of the gaming handheld has been confirmed for release by Legion and will have a large screen and detachable controllers.

Additional information: Rumoured to be released at the same time that the original Legion console was released which is October.


Ayaneo Pocket S:

Release date: July 2024.

Features: The console runs on a custom Android OS, tailored for gaming and supports a vast range of systems from the 8-bit and 16-bit era, offering compatibility with thousands of classic games.


OneXPlayer X1 Mini:

Release date: 2024 announcement

Features: Known as a smaller and cheaper version of the original.

Additional information: Has been seen and featured at lots of electronic events and in many ‘first look’ videos. For example, I was spotted at the Hong Kong Spring Electronics Event in 2024.


MSI Claw 8 AI+:

Release date: 2024 released lineup

Features: Has an SSD slot that will be easier to access, as well as new bumper buttons and improved hall effect joysticks. It will also be slightly heavier than the Claw A1M console, with its larger dimensions and increased battery capacity.


Zotac Zone:

Release date: Q3 2024.

Features: A new handheld game console with a light build and strong battery life.

Additional information: Considering Q3 is described between July and September, we could see this console arrive as soon as July 2023.


Orange Pi Neo:

Release date: End of 2024 release date.

Features: A handheld console that boasts formidable hardware under its sleek exterior.


Anbernic RG Cube:

Release date: June 2024

Features: A high-performance square-screen Android handheld, RG Cube supports countless games.


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2025 Rumoured Releases:

  • Nintendo Switch 2 (Switch game console) – 2025
  • Steam Deck 2 – 2026
  • ROG Ally 2 – 2025
  • Xbox Handheld – End 2024 / Start 2025
  • PS6 – RUMOURED early 2025


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