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PS5 Pro Console Revealed!

PS5 Pro Console Revealed!

It was revealed by a reliable outlet called Insider Gaming that the PS5 Pro Console is in development, and we could be seeing it as early as the end of 2024! The original PS5 console was released in November 2020 and a few years later in November 2023, a slightly smaller and thinner edition was released called the PS5 Slim. It has been rumoured a couple of times throughout the last year that the PlayStation 6 is currently in development also which we may be getting our hands on sometime in 2026, so fans are very excited to possibly be getting some new products and updates from PlayStation.

Although very exciting, it isn’t a complete shock to fans that the PS5 Pro is here. The PS4 Pro model was released in November 2016, 3 years after the original PS4 console was released. It almost felt expected that we would receive a Pro Model a few years after the original console's release.

But despite that, let’s take a look at what we could be expecting to see and evaluate the current rumours.

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Will PS5 have a pro version?

The current PS5 Pro project has been nicknamed Trinity and is said to include a more powerful GPU and a slightly faster CPU mode. This means that when playing on the new console gameplay will feel much smoother and feel a lot more immersive whilst loading times and lags will be cut in half.

Fans are assuming too that the console will be more capable of rendering games and will hit much higher resolutions.


When is the PS5 Pro coming out?

As we mentioned, the PS5 Pro console release date is still unconfirmed until PlayStation announce the console itself. Whilst it's hoped a 2024 release date will be in sight, we are optimistic for a November 2024 release window, much like the release date of other previous consoles like the PS4 Pro.

As well as this, we are currently unsure of what the PS5 pro price will be.


PlayStation Console release dates:

  • PS5 Slim - November 2023
  • PS5 - November 2020
  • PS4 Pro - November 2016
  • PS4 - November 2013
  • PS3 - November 2006


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We are excited to find out more about the PS5 Pro model. Of course, we will make sure to regularly update this page with information when it's released, so make sure to come back often. Until then, take a look at the PS5 controller options we have available on our website. No matter the colour, design, or pattern preferences you like, we are sure to have them waiting for you!

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