PS5 Pro vs Xbox Series X/S 2024 Console Comparison

PS5 Pro vs Xbox Series X/S 2024 Console Comparison

At the Xbox Games Showcase in June 2024, it was revealed that Xbox is releasing 3 new Xbox Series X/S consoles by the end of this year. On top of that, we know PlayStation is considering releasing a ‘Pro’ version of their current PS5 console, which is also set to release at the end of 2024.

With all this big news ahead of us, let’s compare the two upcoming consoles and see how they differ when it comes to specs and features, bear in mind the PS5 Pro console is still rumoured and we have no idea when the PS5 Pro is coming out, so whilst we have solid information on the Xbox console, lots of the PlayStation details are based on rumours.

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Specs:  PS5 Pro: Xbox Series X/S 2024:
Confirmed No Yes
Announced February 2024 June 2024
Developers Sony Microsoft
Release Date November 2024 November 2024 (Holiday season)
Pro model? Yes No
Price Around £500 Around £500
Consoles releasing 1 3
Exclusive games? Yes Few
Previous model release date November 2020 November 2020
  • Possible 120fps gameplay.
  • We could move beyond a 4k display and get an 8k display.
  • Possible slim build.
  • 2TB, 1TB Xbox Series X.
  • 1TB Xbox Series S.
  • Updated facelift.


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