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Nintendo Switch 2 Console Updates

Nintendo Switch 2 Console Updates
The Switch 2 has been in the talks for a while now, and fans cannot wait to get their hands on this home console! The console is rumoured to be in production and has been since 2023, and whilst there has been little information on what we could expect, there are still plenty of rumours that gamers are creating. So we are here to empty all our knowledge we have on the Switch 2 and put it into this informative blog, so you can keep up on what we know. Let’s begin.

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Nintendo Switch Console


What is known about the Switch 2?

Although yet to be officially confirmed, there has been plenty of rumours surrounding the sequel to the extremely popular Nintendo Switch, which arrived in 2017.

Since the original 2017 edition, there has only ever been 2 handheld mode Switch Consoles. The 2017 release and the OLED model, which is a 7” OLED screened slimmer console, which came out in 2021.

In the last 3 years since the OLEDS debut, there has been no major updates in the Switch family, and that is why we now feel like 2024 could be the year for change.

Nintendo are constantly releasing video games specifically to the Switch, with new Nintendo switch mario games coming out in February AND March 2024, meaning it’s clear the company aren’t slowing down when it comes to the life span of the Switch.

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But surely fans haven’t just created this speculation over a new Switch console? There must be some originating theory. Well, it has been rumoured the Nintendo switch 2 has been demonstrated privately to developers, where it has been compared to competitors and technological advances have been discussed.

When it comes to the switch 2 release date, because there has been no talk of the console release in the last few months, most think we won’t see the console till after the anniversary of the original Switch, possibly seeing a release date for the Switch 2 in the second half of the year between July-December 2024.

At Gamescon 2023, there was a demoed private reveal of a possible upcoming console by Nintendo, where fans got an extremely quick insight into what to expect.

Switch 2 Console RUMOURED SPECS:

  • Price - $400
  • Better joystick
  • Improved WIFI connection
  • Faster performance capabilities
  • LCD panel screen (Uses light modulating properties to provide high-quality images at a lower quality price.)


The Nintendo Switch was the third bestselling console of all time, so it’s evident why Nintendo are so careful and want to take such time to get this console ready. They have many previous fails like the Wii U and DS revival, so it’s clear they don’t want to rush the new console enabling it to follow its its related consoles footsteps. We assume that the joy con controllers will be similar if not the same to the current design. 

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When it comes to the name of the Nintendo Switch 2 console, there is actually no confirmed name yet. Although fans are nicknaming it Switch 2, it is unlikely this will be the actual consoles name. Nintendo never numerically name their products (eg, DS1, DS2, 3DS1 3DS2), so when they do release the switch 2 nintendo console, it will most likely adopt something similar to Super Mario and the Super Nintendo Entertainment. Could we see something like the Super Switch hitting our stores?

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Make sure to leave us with your thoughts on this console, of course we will be back to regularly update you on the new of the Nintendo Switch 2, so make sure to check back frequently for more information when we know it, like the Switch 2 price and video games options!

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