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Nintendo Switch 2 Console Updates

Nintendo Switch 2 Console Updates
For the last 12 months, Nintendo fans have been patiently awaiting the announcement of the next Nintendo Switch console. There have been many rumours over the last year over what this new console could be, nicknamed the Switch 2 console, we have been eagerly anticipating its drop. And finally it is here, although it isn't exactly what we expected.
So lets get into what this new console is and give or honest opinion. 

Is Nintendo coming out with a new console in 2024?

In June 2024, at the Nintendo Direct Event, it was revealed Nintendo are releasing a Switch Lite Console but a Legend of Zelda Hyrule edition. The console will release in support and alongside the new Zelda video game, The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom. 
Zelda fans are very excited about this drop, considering it pays homage to the classic Zelda video game but many other Nintendo fans are slightly disappointed. Many were hoping for a brand new console full of new features and additions, but it seems like instead we will be getting another themed controller that will probably have the same features as the previous Lite console. 
The console will release September 26th 2024 in the UK and is currently available to pre-order for £209.99, making it slightly more expensive than the current Switch console available on the Nintendo website for £199.99. 

Nintendo Switch Lite Hyrule Edition specs:

  • Colour - Gold
  • Resolution - 1280 x 720
  • Screen - LCD
  • Storage - 32GB
  • Processor - NVIDIA Custom Tegra
  • Price - £209.99
  • Charging time - 3 hrs
  • Battery capacity - 3570mAh 

Is it worth getting a Nintendo Switch Lite?

A Nintendo Switch Lite is slightly different to a normal Switch console, is it more compact, with a lightweight feel and integrated controls. These consoles are also slightly cheaper and come in a variety of colours for example yellow, blue, pink, purple. The Lite supports all Nintendo Switch video games that can be played in handheld mode. It is the perfect console for on the go gaming or if you are gaming on a budget. 

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So what are your thoughts? Like we said, not exactly the announcement we were expecting and we are slightly disappointed at the underwhelming reveal, however at the same time we are excited to see a new Lite console and cannot wait to see what the console looks like when it's finally here! Until then, check out the Nintendo games we have available on our website. 

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