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PlayStation Plus September 2023-Custom Controllers UK

PlayStation Plus September 2023

PlayStation Plus September 2023 September is here and that means its time for a new line-up of PlayStation Plus Games! This month, gamers have been treated to some additional PlayStation Plus Games...

The Best Mobile Gaming Apps-Custom Controllers UK

The Best Mobile Gaming Apps

The Best Mobile Gaming Apps With the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones, the integration of gaming into the mobile world was inevitable. And as of current day, there is an array of mobile ga...

Which Nintendo Switch Games Should You Buy?-Custom Controllers UK

Which Nintendo Switch Games Should You Buy?

Since the pandemic, the Nintendo Switch has been gaining immense popularity, and with new games coming out all the time, its difficult to work out what is a good Nintendo switch game to buy. That's...

Sonic Through Time-Custom Controllers UK

Sonic Through Time

Take a trip through time as we delve into the history of Sonic. We look into some of the best games from the series leading up al the way to present day.

Custom Controller NewsXbox Games With Gold - August 2023-Custom Controllers UK

Xbox Games With Gold - August 2023

Xbox Games With Gold - August 2023 Augusts 2023 Xbox Games With Gold lineup is here! Discover dark worlds with Blue Fire or drift through the streets this August with Inertial Drift. In this blog, ...

Custom Controller NewsPS Plus August 2023-Custom Controllers UK

PS Plus August 2023

PS Plus August 2023 Its that time of the month again where PlayStation release their line-up for their PS Plus games! This month, PlayStation fans have been treated to three completely separate gam...

Journey Through The Best Super Mario Games-Custom Controllers UK

Journey Through The Best Super Mario Games

Take a journey through time as we look into the Super Mario timeline! Starting from the first time we encountered Mario up until present day!