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Microsoft’s New Xbox Series X 2024 Console

Microsoft’s New Xbox Series X 2024 Console

Will there be a new Xbox in 2024?

Microsoft haven’t released a new major Xbox console since the Xbox Series X Console in November 2020 meaning it has been over 3 years since we’ve seen anything fresh. And with PlayStation constantly unveiling new controllers, mini game consoles, and possible talks of the PS6 hitting stores in 2026… it feels like Xbox are falling behind.

Near the end of last year around Autumn 2023, images and reports were accidentally uploaded in new FTC v. Microsoft documents stating a new Xbox Console is on its way in 2024 codenamed Brooklin bringing with it improved features and designs compared to past Xbox consoles. Now we are into the third month of 2024, and gaming fans are awaiting further details on what this new console could be.

So let’s look at what was leaked in 2023 and guess when we think we could be seeing this new console hit our stores once and for all.

(All information in this blog is completely based on rumours and previous information from 2023, nothing has been confirmed as of the current time.)

Xbox Series X Controller

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What are the new Xbox features?

The new Xbox is said to be a ‘refresh’ of the current Xbox Series X. It will have similar features as the current console just some upgraded benefits. For example, 2TB of storage will be available compared to 1TB from the previous edition and the system will be much more powerful overall, with a possible USB-C front port with power delivery replacing the USB-A port on current consoles.

To accompany this console, a new controller is in talks. Nicknamed ‘Sebile Controller’, it is rumoured to be revealed in May 2024 and will improve gameplay possibly providing a similar gaming experience to the PlayStation Dual Sense controllers. (We will provide more information on this controller when information is released in upcoming months.) In our opinion, it is a shame to see Microsoft may be following in Sony’s footsteps by making their controller similar to the Dual Sense choice. It would be nice to see some originality in Xbox’s design choices and gameplay choices.


What is changing with the Xbox 2024 console?

So far, the new model is looking promising. Although only a refresh not a completely new concept console, there are still a lot of exciting features we cannot wait to check out. But of course, with the good comes the bad. So let’s have a look at what major setback this device may have.

The only major change is the fact that this new Xbox Series X will not offer a disc drive meaning that the console will be all digital just like the Series S. We assume in the future Microsoft are looking to move away from disc games and focus entirely on digital gaming which is a surprise for us. Both digital and disc games cost the same and both provide the same gaming experience, our only guess is that it’s much cheaper to create digital-only games rather than adding the disc option.


What is the upcoming Xbox new console design?

Despite how the performance of the console will play out, gaming fans are very excited from a hardware perspective to see how the console will look. Focussing on the design aspect, it is believed this Xbox will no longer follow the same boxy, computer tower design format of the previous console but will follow a smooth, cylindrical design instead. We assume this is due to the lack of disc drive available in this model which will also make the device much easier for storing.


Rumoured extra information:

  • The expected launch price of around $500 to match the current console price. (Including controller and 2TB storage.)
  • The possible release date of June 2024, maybe earlier.
  • The announcement will be unveiled once the final stages of the console have been put into place.
  • Rumoured that a completely new Xbox console will be released around 2026 to rival the new PS6 device.


What specs will the next Xbox have?











Disc Drive





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So what are your thoughts? We have mixed opinions at Custom Controllers. We are excited to finally see a new console hit the market for Xbox but are slightly disappointed with the fact it’s a refresh rather than a completely new concept. Similar to the new controller, we are anticipating the new gameplay and performance improvements with this new controller but think the way it has been compared and the design like the PlayStation Dual Sense is disappointing.

The features in the new console do look impressive, and we are sure it will be met with huge success. Remember, we still have lots of cheap Xbox controllers available on our website and if Xbox isn’t your thing… why not check out our Nintendo or PlayStation controllers instead?

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