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Mario Vs Donkey Kong Game Review

Mario Vs Donkey Kong Game Review

Mario Vs Donkey Kong is the 2024 edition of the classic Mario Vs Donkey Kong that was released on the original Game Boy console, Wii u console and 3DS console 20 years ago in 2004. The new edition, released February 16th, 2024, is a puzzle platforming game available on the Switch with enhanced graphics and local co-op multiplayer options.

Originally announced in September 2023 at Nintendo Direct, which is an online presentation/live show produced by Nintendo revealing information on upcoming games and consoles, the new game has received wide anticipation due to release 20 years after the original. And we cannot wait to give our thoughts!

So let’s explore this game further and see how it differs from the original.

 Pros: Cons:
  • Great variety of puzzles
  • Stunning cutscenes
  • Perfect for families
  • No editor option


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What is the story of Mario vs Donkey Kong?

The plot of the video game is similar to the original, just with a couple of added levels and mini-games. Donkey Kong has stolen all the mini Mario toys from the factory and it’s up to Mario to rescue and get them back! Mario must chase down Donkey Kong through 8 different worlds, in the first few he carries a key to get through a locked door, and then in the second half Mario must find the hidden Super Mario figures in the level.


Is Mario vs Donkey Kong fun?

There have been lots of great improvements to the game since the original release. So let’s compare some of the main specs:

  • Damage – There has been a reduction in the amount of damage Mario gains when he falls.
  • Scoring – The scoring feature has been removed.
  • Losing lives – Exiting a level no longer costs a player their life.
  • Mini-games – One new one where players must catch a floating key that opens a treasure box before the time runs out.

As well as these changes, there are also aspects of the game in general which make it great for families! Although by the sound of the game, it seems like it would get repetitive fast, each world and level is unique with a wide variety of things to do. If you are playing multiplayer too, the game is just as engaging with an added player who has the option to play as Toad.


Mario vs Donkey Kong 2024 graphics review

And of course, being a remake we need to discuss the most important factor of a revived game. It’s graphics.

It was obvious we were going to see some changes to the graphics compared to the original, for example, now the game uses full 3D models instead of pre-rendered and the quality of the screen is a lot clearer showing huge improvement and development in the graphics production. In between each level, the cutscenes feel like actual mini movies, they are now fully animated whereas before the cutscenes were basic static frames. Finally, the characters feel more realistic (and no we don’t mean that they look real and lifelike), they feel much more animated and fuller of expression whereas before they were simply blankly blinking. It feels like we are playing as and with the characters, not just controlling them.



Finally, like in any good review, we need to give a couple of thoughts we think would make this game even better. Overall, although there is a variety of levels, mini-games, and boss battles, it felt like something was missing at the end and the game felt short overall. It would also be great to have an editor edition maybe at the end to unlock as part of this. This is a great way to add another couple hours of game time on and is perfect for playing with your friends and families, designing boss levels, and worlds and incorporating the Mini Marios more…

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We think Mario vs Donkey Kong Nintendo Switch is a great addition to the Mario Universe. Completely perfect for younger children and families, not too difficult but still offers some aspects of the challenge. It’s great that the original game has been remade also which makes it even more enjoyable for parents who played the previous game. Now all members of the family can join in and enjoy the game.

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