Best Multiplayer Video Games

Best Multiplayer Video Games

There is no better feeling than being gathered around with friends and families diving into a good adventure video game, racing game or puzzle game. But how do you decide which multiplayer games are the best options? We have listed a variety of different games perfect for families, thrill seekers, puzzle gamers and more to ensure that your perfect video game is there for you!

Let's get into it!

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Street Fighter 6

Our first recommendation for the best multiplayer games to play is Street Fighter 6, part of the iconic Street Fighter Series with this 6th edition releasing June 2023. It is a role-playing, fighting, competitive multiplayer game which is available on PS5 and Xbox Series X, S which focuses on players building up their fighter who goes on a quest to discover what true strength is. The game is praised for its excellent fighting system and a great selection of options and features. So how well does it perform when it comes to multiplayer options?

Is Street Fighter 6 a two-player game?

Street Fighter 6 allows up to 2 players to play at once. It is recommended that people play multiplayer or at least online with others to improve their experience. Within the multiplayer option, gamers can go into the fighting grounds and start a custom room with friends, battle, and make up their own rules.

 Pros: Cons:
  • Excellent tutorials and gaming modes
  • Accessibility for all
  • Strong fighting technical and graphics
  • Not an impressive score

    Baldurs Gate 3

    Baldur’s Gate 3 is a role-playing adventure game which released in August 2023. Available on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, after waking up inside a giant dimension-crossing flying ship, players are implanted with a parasitic tadpole transforming people into illithids. But the transformation does not happen, and the ship comes under attack from Githyanki warriors that it is up to the player to defend. Overall, Baldur’s Gate 3 has very well-developed characters and a strong storyline within the game. The opportunity to explore within the game is also a great positive. So let’s take a look at the multiplayer features.

    Can you play Baldur's Gate 3 with two people?

    When playing multiplayer, up to 4 people can game together. Baldur’s Gate 3 has been described as great for playing in multiplayer as it makes dilemmas easier and completing missions quicker.

     Pros: Cons:
    • Impressive graphics and storyline
    • Realistic stunning world
    • Occasional bugs
    • Can become difficult

      Diablo IV

      For those who love a bit of adventure in their gaming Diablo IV (part of the beloved Diablo series), is exactly what you need. Released in June 2023, this multiplayer adventure game is very similar to Diablo 2 when it comes to the storyline, almost following in the footsteps of Diablo IV players are pursuing Lilith across Sanctuary. Available on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S Diablo IV has a stunning atmosphere with a plot line that is perfect for any role-playing gamer.

      Can you play Diablo 4 with friends?

      Diablo IV allows up to 4 players to game at once, being regularly described as one of the best multiplayer video games that’s great for slaying demons and completing Diablo IV side quests. This game is considered part of the ‘multiplayer video game genre.’

       Pros: Cons:
      • Gripping storyline
      • Good multiplayer options
      • Engaging story
      Need previous game knowledge

        Pikmin 4

        For those who are seeking some action and adventure, but still want a brain challenge Pikmin 4 is exactly what you want. Released July 2023 on the Nintendo Switch only, this game follows the main character who has crashed on a mysterious planet and discovers Pikmin, throughout the game players must collect all the ship parts that are required to return home. One strength of this video game is even though Pikmin 4 is an action, puzzle video game, the difficulty level of the game can be altered making it perfect for any puzzle-loving pair or strategic single gamer. And again, Pikmin 4 has great options when it comes to multiplayer.

        Is Pikmin 4 multiplayer

        Up to 2 players can play Pikmin 4 at once, with certain aspects of the game being double-player mode only. One of these is the Dandori Battles, which is a local multiplayer online game versus play where head-to-head competitions are held against Leaflings where you’ll have to score as many points as possible. Another multiplayer option is in Story Mode, where player 2 can assist player 1 by throwing pebbles and items with the ‘pebble pitcher’, it is one of the most perfect co-op puzzle games.

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         Pros: Cons:
        • Stunning visuals
        • Strong storyline
        • Can be slightly difficult/confusing at times

          Super Mario Bros. Wonder

          Our final multiplayer option that we recommend is Super Mario Bros. Wonder which is a platform game released in October 2023 by Nintendo for Nintendo. After Bowser attacks the Flower Kingdom Mario and his friends must go on a journey to save the kingdom by collecting Wonder Seeds. This game is great for families and younger audiences who are in person playing together or gaming online, and its multiplayer features don’t disappoint either.

          Does Mario Bros Wonder have multiplayer?

          The Mario Universe is well known for its multiplayer options within games, where usually gamers can choose to play as Mario or Luigi. In this game, up to 4 players can game at once either online or in groups with specific multiplayer options. Make sure to explore the land together in each exciting level, working together to complete the mission.

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           Pros: Cons:
          • Graphics and art are colourful and exciting
          • Impressive level design
          • New characters and enemies
          • Bosses aren’t as difficult


            So hopefully you have managed to find your next multiplayer video game choice to play with friends and family alike. Let us know if you have played any of these before, or if you think there are any better options we missed out. We have plenty more video games available on our website, take a look now!

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