Final Fantasy: Dawntrail Review

Final Fantasy: Dawntrail Review

The time is finally here… the Final Fantasy series has finally had a new addition join its universe, Dawntrail. 3 years since the previous Final Fantasy game was released, fans have been deeply anticipating a new game to further the series, and now it is here we cannot wait to check it out. Released on July 2nd, 2024, Dawntrail is the 5th expansion pack of the series available on PlayStation and Xbox. The game series (which began in 1987) is a role-playing, adventure video game and we are here to review the most recent game.

We cannot wait to check it out, so let’s dive into this game and see if it is worth all the build-up and hype. There are some big expectations, so we can’t wait to give our opinions.

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What will Dawntrail be about?

To begin, let’s understand the plot and storyline. Final Fantasy xiv: Dawn Trail follows female Hrothgar, Wuk Lamat, hoping to step to the throne. However, due to this, she must complete a series of tasks and challenges against her adoptive siblings. To determine the next ruler, a treasure hunt contest breaks out which Lamat must win.


What is new in Dawntrail?

As we mentioned, this game is the 5th expansion, so fans have been waiting to see what changes could have been brought to the game. And there has been plenty, there is a brand new chapter to explore with new locations and environments, improved final fantasy characters and new effects and graphics that are stunning. One thing we cannot get over is how gorgeous the graphics are. Each location is crystal-clear with beautiful colours, the detailed scenery makes each place look enticing and engaging. On top of this, the characters are well-detailed with great animations and expressions.

And whilst the game does bring amazing new graphics and locations, some fans have been arguing that more doesn’t always mean better.


Is FFXIV worth it in 2024?

The game has been criticised for feeling like a slow burn and has been met with mixed criticism. The game does initially have plenty of new aspects to look at, but when you get into the game and begin the challenges, it feels like there are no major additions, just tweaks.

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List of the Final Fantasy Games:

  • Final Fantasy 1987
  • Final Fantasy 1988
  • Final Fantasy 1990
  • Final Fantasy 1991
  • Final Fantasy 1992
  • Final Fantasy 1994
  • Final Fantasy 1997
  • Final Fantasy 1999
  • Final Fantasy 2000
  • Final Fantasy 2001
  • Final Fantasy 2002
  • Final Fantasy 2006
  • Final Fantasy 2009
  • Final Fantasy 2016
  • Final Fantasy 2023



Overall, we think that the criticism of this game has been taken slightly to the extreme. Whilst we agree some aspects aren’t perfect and can feel a bit slow with new things to do within the game, we also believe fans are too invested in furthering and developing the storyline rather than enjoying the actual gameplay and challenges. If you are a major Final Fantasy game this could cause some frustration, but we certainly don’t think this is a deal breaker when it comes to playing the game. The game has some gorgeous graphics and scenery which we think should be focussed on much more rather than the game's storyline.

What do you think? Give us your thoughts and let us know if you’ve played the video game yet!

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