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Killer Klowns From Outer Space: The Game Review

Killer Klowns From Outer Space: The Game Review

Killer Klowns From Outer Space: The Game is an asymmetrical horror video game which is based on the iconic 80’s horror film and is developed by IllFonnic and Teravision Games. Since its release announcement in May 2024, horror fans and movie fans have been desperately awaiting the upcoming horror video game's arrival. And now, in June 2024, the game is finally here. We have heard plenty of positive reviews on this game, praising it for its unique concept and brilliant adaptation. So let’s take a look at the game ourselves and see if these opinions are correct or not.

Asymmetrical horror game: When 2 teams or individuals with vastly different skills and strategies are pitted against each other in random matches until one eliminates the other.

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What is the Killer Klowns about?

The storyline allows gamers to choose a side that they play as. There are the options to either choose to be a resident living in the town of Crescent Cove, or the option to be the enemy and play as those who are attempting to invade our home, the Killer Klowns. Resident players must escape from the situation without dying living in their own survival horror video game whilst Klown players must kill or capture the residents.

It’s a great concept with an exciting storyline, we like how the game is based on the classic film killer klowns from outer space 1988, adding that level of nostalgia, being able to play the game as whichever character is also great as gamers can feel like they are living one of their favourite childhood classic horror films.


How many people can play the Killer Klowns game?

The game also allows a lot of players, making it great for big gatherings and parties. Up to 3 people can play as Klowns whilst up to 7 people can play as residents. If you are playing in a large group and end up getting caught and ‘dying’, what’s great is that the game isn’t over for this player. Any players who end up out are given the choice to play a selection of simple carnival-themed games. These games aren’t completely pointless, as they help the remaining residents improve their health levels, weapons finding and other escaping benefits. We like how the game always gives the player something to do, as there is nothing worse than playing in a large group, being caught out within the first minute, and having to sit and watch for the remaining time.


Killer Klowns game graphics:

Because numerous players can play as the Killer Klowns, it creates a more chaotic atmosphere which is great for horror fans alike. The atmosphere created by the game's graphics is also very impressive, there is a very dark and misty feel when playing the game, the Klowns look quite realistic up close and mixed in with this dark ambience makes them even more terrifying.


Is Killer Klowns from Outer Space popular?

We still managed to pick up a couple of issues with the game that we would love to see improved on. For example, lots of the important gameplay lore can be easily discovered within the first hour or so of playing, meaning when you go to replay the game after playing the first time, most team members will know exactly what to do to win.

This also leads to the game becoming slightly predictable after a few plays, which will eventually lead the game to become quite boring. We think some frequent updates with new mini-games, weapons and maps being added would be a brilliant way to solve this.

Pros:  Cons:
  • Great two player concept
  • Brilliant map with plenty to explore
  • Brilliant customisation options and character choices
  • Poor ratio of Klowns to residents


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Overall, we are impressed with killer klowns from outer space in the game. It has a great concept, and we love how the game can be played multiple times through different character perspectives. As well as this, because the game is based on an iconic 80’s horror, it makes it great for non-gaming fans to play also, simply for nostalgia. We think with our improvement suggestion this game would be the perfect party video game for horror and movie fans alike!

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