Best Fitness Video Games Perfect For A Workout

Best Fitness Video Games Perfect For A Workout

It is the month of the Olympics, and the games are fast approaching! That means it’s time to get into the sporting spirit and what better way than by playing some of your favourite sports games? But who said that fitness and sports don’t have to be fun? We have collected the 7 best fitness video games that will give you a workout, from boxing and dancing to jogging and walking, we have every video game you need to feel like a true Olympic athlete.

So hurry, let’s race into it!

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Just Dance

Release date: 2009, ongoing annual game releases.

Genre: Rhythmic, dancing video game.

Publisher: Ubisoft and Nintendo.

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Aim: Choose from a series of popular and trending songs on dance to dance along to by following the guide on screen. Compete against friends for the position of top dancer and climb the leaderboard.

Why is it good for sport and fitness: Dancing improves the condition of your heart and lungs. It requires muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness, all built up the more you dance. As your muscles are constantly working you will get stronger over time and won’t run out of breath as quickly.

Pros: Cons: 

Brilliant selection of songs

Great characters and costumes

Sometimes dances can be too hard or too easy



Pokemon Go

Release date: 2016.

Genre: Adventure, location-based video game.

Platform: Smartphone, iOS and Android.

Aim: Using augmented reality, users can walk various Pokemon go routes to find Pokémon in their local, real-life areas, capture them and battle/compete against friends.

Why is it good for sport and fitness: The game requires a lot of walking, which is perfect as it increases your cardiovascular fitness, strengthens your bones and reduces excess body fat.

Pros: Cons: 
  • Simple yet engaging gameplay
  • Download for free
  • Can easily drain your battery when out


Ring Fit Adventure

Release date: October 2019.

Genre: Fitness, sports video games.

Publisher: Nintendo

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Aim: Exercise game where the ring fits adventure Nintendo Switch joycons attached to the ring, there are multiple challenges and activities available for players to play and get fit.

Why is it good for sport and fitness:  These activities keep the body constantly moving, reducing body fat and strengthening the player's muscles.

 Pros: Cons:
  • Targets specific muscles
  • Plenty of mini-games
  • Ring has poor structure/grip



Beat Saber

Release date: May 2018

Genre: VR, rhythm game.

Platform: Meta Quest, PlayStation

Aim: Players aim to slash the beats of the music as they fly towards the player, surrounded in a magical futuristic world with beat saber songs playing.

Why is it good for sport and fitness: VR is great for improving fitness as it constantly keeps players on the move rather than sitting down. Adding a ‘sports video game’ level increases your fitness levels, as players will move even more rapidly to complete the physical challenges and tasks the game gives them.

Pros: Cons: 
  • Great for all ages
  • Perfect for new VR players
  • Game can get tiring and relentless



Fitness Boxing

Release date: December 2020

Genre: Fitness, action game.

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Aim: As the game suggests, players perform punches and dodge movements giving gamers a full body stretch and workout as the game progresses.

Why is it good for sport and fitness: Boxing improves the heart's health, strength, endurance and coordination. As well as all this, it helps improve your self-defence.

Pros: Cons: 
  • Actions are natural and realistic
  • Solid courses
  • Music selection isn’t brilliant



Sprint Vector

Release date: February 2018

Genre: Sports video game

Platform: PlayStation

Aim: Multiplayer parkour racing game that merges athletic competition with crazy game show energy and requires constant jogging and movement.

Why is it good for sport and fitness: Jogging is great as it helps build strong bones and is a weight-bearing exercise. 

Pros: Cons: 
  • No motion sickness
  • Engaging
  • Can become tiring after an hour or so




Release date: 2017

Genre: Workout, fitness video game.

Aim: Play a series of fitness challenges and exercises using VR, feel part of the action and get a full workout at the same time.

Why is it good for sport and fitness: Again, fitness VR games further improve players' strength, stamina and overall endurance.

Pros:  Cons:
  • Works the muscles and body well
  • Engaging
  • Can be slightly annoying doing the exercises with the VR headset


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