Apple Vision Pro Review

Apple Vision Pro Review

What is the point of Apple Vision Pro?

Back in June 2023 Apple unveiled their mixed reality headset at the WWDC also releasing an Apple Vision Pro video. Originally it was set to be released a year later in June 2024, however after many release date changes it was finally confirmed in the USA to release February 2nd 2024, 4 months earlier than planned. Now that the tech is officially available in the USA let’s take a look at the Apple Vision Pro properly, it is believed the release date for the UK will be announced very soon so let’s explore the specs of the Vision Pro to help you decide if you are going to check it out when it's released.

Currently, the Apple Vision Pro is available in the USA for $3,499 and it is expected the Apple Vision Pro price in UK will be similar.


What features does Apple Vision Pro have?

Enclosure - A singular piece of three-dimensionally formed laminated glass that gently curves around the user’s face. Creates a very snug and comfy fit around the head that’s perfect for wearing for long periods.

Cameras and sensors - Contains 5 sensors, 6 microphones and 12 cameras. As well as the hand and eye tracking, the sensors add to the immersion making you feel completely involved with your game/movie.

Audio straps - Two audio straps are equipped with speakers that support spatial audio. Spatial audio brings theatre-like sound from your movie or video game and makes it feel like it's coming from all around you, making you feel completely immersed along with all the sensors.

Light seal - With the large passive light seal, this feature conforms to your face to help deliver a precise fit stopping any stray light from getting in.

Digital crown - Rotate the digital crown button to adjust the immersion of an environment, volume and more.

Spatial photos - And don’t keep the magic inside the headset, with spatial photos capturing videos or images. You can also take spatial photos using the iPhone 15 Pro and then watch them back on the Vision Pro.


Reaction to Apple Vision Pro

Having been described as a huge leap forward in display technology, it is clear that the display quality of the Apple Vision Pro is one of their proudest achievements. Lots of users have already mentioned that the eye and hand tracker feel like magic, and if you are immersed in a video game it feels like you are playing as the main character. It was noted the Vision Pro has perfectly integrated both mobile and computing into one carefully also blended into reality.

Some fans did complain that although the tech is innovative and special, it is way too expensive and not affordable for regular Apple customers. Some fans also stated although the headset has a battery life of over 2 hours, this isn’t enough for most movies or video games and needs to be looked at in future upgrades.

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Apple Vision Pro specs:

  • Display - Custom micro OLED system featuring 23 million pixels
  • Refresh rates - 90/96Hz
  • Chip design - M2 Chip, R2 Chip
  • Operating system – visionOS
  • Battery life -2 hours



So what do you think of the Apple Vision Pro, we’d love to get the Apple Vision Pro hands-on when it’s available worldwide. Do you think there will be any future headsets released by Apple? Could we see an Apple Vision Pro 2? Let us know in the comments!

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