Exploring the Best VR Travel Experiences

Exploring the Best VR Travel Experiences

Now that summer is here it’s time to book that flight, choose that holiday destination and get exploring the world whilst the nights are warm, and the days are hot. Visit incredible landmarks like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or head to the other side of the world when travelling to Sydney Australia. Or why not explore all those destinations from the comfort of your own home?

We have listed some great VR Travel Experience games that we recommend where you can visit every corner of the planet from your VR headset. Ever wanted to travel the Earth but had no way to physically do it? Now is your chance!

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Sygic Travel VR:

The first VR Travel Experience we recommend is Sygic Travel VR, the largest database of interactive VR content created by the GPS navigation leaders Sygic. The experience offers over 5000 360° travel videos and photos from 40 destinations from all over the world. Travel and explore the most popular locations including Dubai, Bali, Sydney, Madrid, Barcelona, Istanbul and more. Available on Oculus Quest, get ready to explore the top cities like you never did before!

 Pros: Cons:
  • Lots of places to visit
  • Easy to download and use
  • Occasionally glitchy when offline




Next up is Wander, the VR application where users can explore the world via Google Streetview locations. Developed by Parkline Interactive LLC, users can voice search, favourite locations, do map based teleportation and more. The May 2019 release nature, travel and exploration VR game is available to play of Oculus Quest.

 Pros: Cons:
  • Great collection of locations
  • Brilliant social features
  • Slightly expensive


When We Stayed Home:

Maybe you are looking for some early 2020 nostalgia? With When We Stayed Home is a great way to experience the lockdown all over again. This VR series looks back at the unique moment when the world halted and everywhere was barren. Taking you to the heart of the worlds empty cities set in April 2020, experience life during the pandemic again. The Oculus Quest brings you Venice, Jerusalem, Tokyo, and Paris like never before.

Pros:  Cons:
  • Great for 2020 nostalgia
  • Brilliant facts and information
  • No real interactions with landmarks


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National Geographic Explore VR:

Moving on from cities, if it’s mountains and rolling fields you’re interested in then why not check out National Geographic Explore VR developed by Force Field Entertainment B.V. In this experience described as a nature, travel and exploration game, players can explore different locations like Machu Picchu and really feel like they are climbing the most difficult mountains. Released in May 2019, this Oculus Quest game is not one to miss!

 Pros: Cons:
  • Great graphics
  • Brilliant challenges and activities
  • Poor selection of locations



Google Earth VR :

And finally, we’ve visited desolate cities, mountains, worldwide locations so now why not explore the Earth with Google Earth VR. Both developed and published by Google this simulation game let’s you explore the Earth from a totally new perspective in VR. Some of the best places around the world you can visit include the Tokyo Tower, Grand Canyon, and the Eiffel Tower.

 Pros: Cons:
  • Very educational and immersive
  • Stunning graphics
  • Occasional poor camera skills/speed


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Got any more VR experiences you think we should be talking about? Drop us a comment below and let us know what we missed out! Until then, check out the other VR blogs we have on our page waiting for you.

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