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Video Games Announced At The Game Awards 2023

Video Games Announced At The Game Awards 2023-Custom Controllers UK

How do The Game Awards work?

At the Game Awards 2023, gaming fans from all over the world came together to celebrate the success of yet another gaming year. Lots of big named video games like Alan Wake 2 and Baldur’s Gate 3 took home all kinds of awards, but did you know the Game Awards aren’t just for celebrating success? They are also the perfect opportunity for gaming giants to reveal their plans for future video games to millions of people. And this year they did not disappoint!

We are here to dive into 11 of the big games revealed at The Game Awards 2023, exploring their storylines and release dates. So, let’s get into it!

(Please note all information in this blog is subject to change as more information on these games are revealed.)

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What games were announced at Game Awards 2023?

The Casting Of Frank Stone

Confirmed for 2024 is the horror game The Casting Of Frank Stone. Behaviours Interactive and Supermassive Games are teaming up to create the ultimate narrative horror game, set in the wider universe of Dead By Daylight the game has been described as ‘a single player dead by daylight spin off’.

The game will follow a group of teenagers who live in a village in Oregon reeling from the history of Frank Stone, who terrorized the town with violence in the past. His crimes come back to haunt the town, creating supernatural scares for all in the village. We cannot wait to see what Behaviours Interactive and Supermassive Games have in store for us in 2024!

Tales Of Kenzera: Zau

Another confirmed video game with a release date of April 2024 is the metroidvania-style action platforming game Tales Of Kenzera: Zau. The game from Surgent Studios follows Zau who is trying to solve a mystery surrounding his father involving the God Of Death, it will incorporate many elements of puzzle, combat, and enemies to tackle loss and the spiritual journey many take to come to terms with loss.


Fans of Motion Twin can expect early access in 2024 for PC with the new animated action platformer Windblown. There has been no current information on the gameplay, however we have been introduced to the three main characters in the teaser trailer, who are known as Leapers, who dash from one sky island to another to defeat the Vortex’s minions.

Hellblade 2: Senua’s Saga

At the Game Awards 2023, Hellblade franchise fans were excited yet disappointed at the announcement of Hellblade 2: Senua’s Saga. Set to release in 2024, fans were upset we weren’t given a specific release date but were happy to see the fighting, action adventure game returning. Hellblade 2 appears to feature more gory combat, with the return of more fire, massive weapons, and disturbing enemies.

Gamers were pleased to see the games high quality graphics and animations available on the teaser trailer, the cutscene, cinematic camera angles during the games combat encounters looking impressive also.

Visions Of Mana

Expected in 2024, a new addition by Square Enix has been announced called Visions Of Mana. Although no thorough gameplay was released, fans still saw the classic open world environment, slashing enemies, casting spells, and fighting large monsters.

Lost Records: Bloom And Rage

Lost Records: Bloom And Rage was also announced at The Game Awards. Expected to release in 2024, this narrative adventure game follows Swann, Nora, Autumn, and Kat. Highschool friends who are reuniting after 27 years after promising to never speak again. Although very little was announced about this game, we can’t wait to find out more within the coming year.


Again, a game we know little knowledge on is Thrasher, expected in 2024. With possible dark and twisted themes to the game it is rumoured Thrasher will release on Meta Quest and PCVR, currently the only game on the list to have a VR headset release.

Pony Island 2: Panda Circus

Moving over to 2025, Pony Island 2: Panda Circus is expected to release. This first person, open world gameplay is set to be a 2D game within a game, mixing multiple formats from old school pixel gameplay.

We will have more information on this game later into 2024, when more is revealed, and a release date is set.

Usual June

Also expected in 2025 is Unusual Jane, a third person acti9on, adventure game which is the next game from the studio Finji. The game trailer shows the main character June, who is being followed by a mysterious ghost. Again, we will have further details on this game later into 2024.

Big Walk

Big Walk, expected in 2025, is a cooperative multiplayer adventure game that contains themes of teamwork and problem solving. The players must band together to solve puzzles and make new discoveries. And we cannot wait to find out more!

Monster Hunter Wilds

And finally, the last game announced at the Game Awards 2023 was Monster Hunter Wilds. Expected in 2025, this game will be the next instalment in the Monster Hunter series, where the fantasy themed action role-playing game will most likely take on a similar storyline to the past games.

Other games expected to release but with no set release date/year

  • Brothers: A Take Of Two Sons Remake
  • The Rise Of The Golden Idol
  • Harmonium The Musical
  • Exodus
  • Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero
  • Fortnite Rocket Racing
  • Marvels Blade
  • Light No Fire
  • Stormgate



So which games can you not wait for? Are you upset that some games aren’t releasing for another 2 years? We’d love to know your thoughts!

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