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This Month’s Free Xbox Live Gold and PS Plus Games - March 2021

This Month’s Free Xbox Live Gold and PS Plus Games - March 2021-Custom Controllers UK

Every month, Xbox and PlayStation reward their subscription buyers with free games. If you have Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus, you can pick up these games right now.

With PlayStation Plus you can pick up these four games for your PS4 or PS5:

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Enjoy a top tier game in the extremely popular remake of Final Fantasy 7. Originally releasing in 1997, the game has been completely updated with the best graphics and features for you to enjoy. You can enjoy one of PlayStation’s most iconic games now. You play as Cloud Strife, a mercenary fighting against the Shinra Electric Power Company.

Remnant: From the Ashes

Enjoy the third person shooter: Remnant: From the Ashes. You play as one of the last survivors of humanity, fighting hordes of harsh and evil enemies and devastating bosses in a world that changes every time you play the game. You can face evil from a different dimension alone, or with up to two different players. With access to a massive arsenal of powerful weaponry, to face a mass variety of enemies.

Maquette (PS5)

Experience an enjoyable first-person puzzle game in Maquette. Free now and with extremely strong graphics and performance thanks to the PS5. Maquette is a fascinating game where the closer to the centre of the world you are, the bigger you will feel as a character. Making the world seem small. But as you go further from the centre, the world gets bigger and bigger. This makes you feel small. Making this game feel really unique.

Farpoint (PS4/VR)

Farpoint is a VR game set far in space, where you have become stranded on a mysterious and dangerous planet, where you have lost your colleagues after a space station crash. You are aimed with reuniting with your colleagues and escape the hostile planet. You get to experience and use a great number of strong weapons in first-person, as well as a number of fun game modes and a story for you to see.

If you have Xbox Live Gold, you can get for free now:

Warface: Breakout

Face dangerous opponents in the high-stakes and greatly tactical PvP online experience. Enjoy combat in first person and engage in deadly battles alongside your teammates. Playing as a fierce mercenary, you can use powerful weapons to try and outgun your opponents, or outsmart them using different tactics.

Dandare: Trials of Fear Edition

Jump into the 2D platforming experience, where you face a great danger. Full of powerful mystical creatures and large and unique levels for you to experience and defeat. You can climb and traverse surfaces with great ease. Use the great features and abilities, including powers, mechanics and more within the game to overcome challenging opponents, puzzles and areas. Packed full of fun areas and experiences, and additional areas and challengers included with the Trials of Fear edition.

Metal Slug 3

Backwards compatible from the Xbox 360: Metal Slug 3. Originally released in 2000, Metal Slug 3 is a run and gun game that involves running through a level, slaying enemies, until you face and defeat the final boss. You can destroy enemies and enhance your power and weaponry throughout the game, making you the ultimate badass.

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