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The Next PlayStation VR

The Next PlayStation VR-Custom Controllers UK

Sony has announced through a PlayStation blog that a new PS VR is in the works for the PlayStation 5. Claiming that the new VR system will “enable the ultimate entertainment experience with dramatic leaps in performance and interactivity.”

The next PS VR is set to improve upon all of the features of the original. Of course, there will be far greater graphics, a much smoother performance and far more which we will learn about over time. One of the few changes they have mentioned is the reduction of cables, the new PS VR will only have one cable to connect to the PS5. Making its use far easier and tidier.

It was also announced that there would also be a brand-new controller exclusively for the PS VR 2. This controller will have a number of features also found within the PS5 DualSense controller. This controller will obviously be used for gameplay, but it seems to be an exciting upcoming piece of technology.

It is guaranteed that the PS VR 2 will introduce a great range of brand-new or compatible games that will be a higher quality. Though we know nothing of this at the moment, we can be sure that these games will be extremely fun.

The next edition of the PS VR is early in development and will definitely not release in 2021. But the future does look good for Sony and its PS devices.
If you want to read all the details, check out Sony’s blog 


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