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Sea of Solitude Director’s Cut – An Overview

Sea of Solitude Director’s Cut – An Overview-Custom Controllers UK

Sea of Solitude Director’s Cut is a complete update and rework from the original Sea of Solitude that released in 2019. Including a completely reworked script, new voice actors and the addition of multiple cut scenes and animations to fully enhance your experience. While these changes do offer some great improvements on the original game, some of the previous down points still remain.

Sea of Solitude Director’s Cut is a Nintendo Switch exclusive game, with a free demo available now if you want to try out the game. So, you can make a decision before you buy the game.

Although the story, graphics and audio are just as good as the original, the gameplay remains to be a bit lacklustre. Being extremely simple and linear throughout the whole game. This is due to a number of reasons, that have not been changed very much. There is still a lack of many unique or interesting mechanics, with the game being mostly compiled of basic and not very challenging platforming puzzles that rely on you making your way to one point.

Throughout the game you do find the gameplay a bit repetitive and slow, thanks to the combination of sloppy controls, slow stealth moments and encounters being reliant on the same mechanics. You do often find that when facing enemies, you are reliant on good timing, stealth and the same mechanics to overcome them. Although at first this can be a bit satisfying, it again gets repetitive.

The game takes place in a flooded world, where the environment changes quite regularly. You will find that the weather often changes, causing changes to water level. This does allow for some entertaining moments, like when you are in a storm. Facing against raging waves and hidden enemies under the dark water. Navigating the world is again very simple, using a boat to get from area to area, and then exploring those areas by running, swimming or climbing.

You can also explore and find many hidden secrets throughout the game. You can find a number of bottles, that provide extra small stories for you to look through. There are also hidden seagulls that you can find and scare away, though this does not do much. But it’s just something extra you can do if you want to.

But, of course, one the key parts to the game are the number of monsters that appear. These monsters play a major part in the story, and represent some very major real-life issues. And they do represent these issues quite well, allowing for some great story moments. In terms of your encounters with these monsters, they are quite good. The mechanics may not be enthralling, but the story and moments tied to these monsters are what make them great.

As said, the monsters contribute majorly to the story. But overall, the story is quite good. It is a short story, but that does not make it bad. It does not overstay its welcome. The story tackles some major issues, as said before, and sets up some very strong and interesting moments.

Every game needs a good set of graphics. And it is safe to say that the graphics are very nice and clean. Visually, the water is very pleasant and some of the areas are quite good to look at. One issue with the areas, however, is that they do look very similar. But overall, the world graphically is great. It is also worth mentioning that the enemies and bosses also look very unique and interesting.
With the Director’s Cut comes a photo mode, that allows you to get the most of the graphics. Take beautiful photos that you can keep and show off.

When it comes to audio, it is very strong. The music suits the game extremely well, with great music and sounds in some powerful moments. It really steps up the standard and quality of some of the moments in the story. The world sounds also need mentioning, with great sounds suiting every movement and world moments.

Overall, the game is decent. The story overall is quite good, but is ultimately let down by the unimproved gameplay. There are lots of moments and different things you can do in the game, but it does not provide much endgame or extra activities for you to experience. With a lack of difficulty settings or alternate modes, this is a game and story that you will most likely experience one or twice before you stop playing the game. If you enjoy a good and straight forward story, then this could be for you. But if you are unsure, there is a free demo available for you to try out.

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