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Little Nightmares II – A Strong Sequel

Little Nightmares II – A Strong Sequel-Custom Controllers UK

Little Nightmares II serves a sequel to the original Little Nightmares game that released back in 2017. Releasing for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, Little Nightmares II has been very highly anticipated. This is thanks to the original's great success. But does Little Nightmares II live up to its predecessor's success? It is safe to say, yes, it does. 

Little Nightmares II achieves success in a great number of fields that it aims to thrive in. And there is a good number of reasons why.

A Twisted Storyline:

The first, and most important, part of this game is the story. Little Nightmares II is a horror-based game, that takes place after the events of the first game. Do not fear if you have not played the first game, as Little Nightmares II is easy to understand. But in terms of horror, it does very well in creating some truly terrifying moments. Throughout the story, there is a huge spread in dark moments that really help set the tone of the game. It is extremely enjoyable, creating some truly memorable moments that we recommend you experience for yourself.

The greatest moments throughout the story are made by the new characters that are introduced. With the villains taking the spotlight. The villains are extremely good, and tormenting. Creating dark and powerful moments. With encounters with the “school teacher”, “hunter” and the “doctor” being tremendously intense. These moments are definitely the most enjoyable sections of the game, with unique and gloomy mechanics and abilities that you need to overcome. Absolutely brilliant. Although there is no dialogue in this game, it is not particularly a bad thing. With powerful emotions and feelings being displayed through the actions that the characters perform.

The Return of Six:

Another key character involved in the game is Six, who returns from the first game. Six plays as your AI partner, who joins you on your journey. Helping you beat puzzles and playing a key part in the main story. This partnership is quite heart-warming, with a few nice moments thrown within the dark and gloomy story. And despite the lack of dialogue, you do feel yourself connecting with Six. However, there one issue with the game comes with Six. Sometimes he does get stuck, forcing you to restart a checkpoint. Which most people don’t like doing.

Short Game Time:

Although the game does not last very long, it is still a very enjoyable experience. The story lasts around 4 hours, and does not have any alternate game modes. With the story being the sole part of the game. Though there are many different hats that you can find within the story. What this game does miss though, is a co-op game mode where you can play with a friend.

Gameplay Loop:

One of the other key parts of this game is obviously the gameplay. Being a mainly stealth based game, where you have to quietly sneak around different enemies. The stealth, overall, is good. It isn’t that different compared to the first game, which is a good and bad thing. Offering a good and familiar experience, but not adding anything that is really new. The game is not completely stealth based, with a few combat scenarios being placed within the game. As you can now pick up items within the game, there are numerous encounters where you have to pick up a weapon, like a hammer, and smash some smaller combatants. The combat, however, can be a bit finicky. This is due to slow swing/attack times and the camera view.

The puzzles that are used throughout the games are another key component for the gameplay. The puzzles in Little Nightmares II are not too complicated. They are mainly very straight forward and easy to complete, especially when compared to the puzzles used in the first game. Though there are not too many unique mechanics, the mechanics that were unique were very interesting. Such as using your torch to stop prosthetic enemies running at you. Although the game mainly involves moving from one point to the other, it is actually quite entertaining. You are never staying still in this game, and always moving with very good pacing. This is thanks to the multitude of puzzles, memorable moments and great visuals to experience.

Visually and Audibly Stunning:

On the subject of visuals, the visuals within this game are amazing. The visuals and levels within this game have a very eerie, dark and gloomy feel to them. Which is what the game aims for, and does extremely well. The game is played completely from one camera view, which sets up the opportunity to view some phenomenal views and areas. Like the giant and spooky city where you mainly play throughout the game. Though this camera angle does cause some issues in terms of combat due to not being able to see some actions (as said before). Playing as small characters in a big world, the visuals and levels you see and experience are made so much more powerful. The visuals overall, help enhance and create some memorable moments. Making this game much greater.

Of course, this game has a strong sound to it. Helping build that eerie and spooky experience you expect. Throwing those mysterious and slight sounds in the game to help you feel every nook and cranny of the levels you enter. The sound track helps boost the feelings you experience when playing.
All of these different parts intertwine so well with each other, making an experience that you will most certainly remember.


Overall, the game is very good, but also short. Spending around £25 on a game that lasts around 4 hours will definitely give some mixed feelings. But it is a very entertaining experience nonetheless. The game does everything it sets out to do, and throws you straight into the action. Regardless, I am going to give Little Nightmares II an 8.5/10. A strong sequel indeed. 

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