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Doom Ancient Gods Part 2 - A Great Ending

Doom Ancient Gods Part 2 - A Great Ending-Custom Controllers UK

Doom Eternal’s second DLC has been released, serving as a send-off for the Doom Slayer and Doom’s story for now. Continuing from where Ancient Gods Part 1 left off, we start exactly where it ended with the Dark Lord being awoken. Do not worry, we will not cover story spoilers for Ancient Gods Part 2 here, just the main parts of this DLC.

An Epic Tale:

Starting off with the story, it is quite short. Offering only a couple of hours of gameplay and moments for you to experience. Though it is short, the DLC does offer a rather epic and interesting conclusion to Doom Eternal. Full with some awesome story moments, with one that does feel rather reminiscent of Avengers Endgame. This makes the story very memorable and quite enjoyable.

Brutal Combat:

One of key components to this game is obviously the gameplay. One of the most loved parts to this game as a whole. It is great to say that the gameplay is still extraordinary. The gameplay still mainly consists of the features and controls set within the Doom Eternal base game and Ancient Gods Part 1, fighting through mass hordes of enemies with absolute brutality and intensity, along with platforming puzzles. But there are a few changes that really enhance your experience. With platforming now involving new grappling hooks to traverse great space, along with features already within the game. As well as many collectibles and encounters that you can find throughout the story.

Devastating Encounters:

Escalation encounters are one of the new encounters that you can only experience within Ancient Gods Part 2. Building upon and based on the gore nests in Doom 2016, escalation encounters involve facing 2 extreme waves of enemies that increase in difficulty. These encounters pop up throughout the story and require you to complete the first wave to progress. The first wave gives an upgrade to the new sentinel hammer. The second wave of the escalation encounter is optional, and for those players who want a little more and enjoy challenging moments. Completing the second encounter will give you a cosmetic item, that you can enjoy. Escalation encounters are very fun and packed with brutal and challenging enemies.

Smash Your Enemies:

As mentioned, there is a brand-new sentinel hammer that you can use to annihilate your enemy. Replacing the crucible sword from the base Doom Eternal story, the sentinel hammer is very fun and powerful. Using it to slam the ground and stun and destroy opponents, offering a great way to spice up and approach opponents. Unlike the crucible, you can charge the sentinel hammer by glory killing or breaking weak points. This makes it so that you can easily keep using the hammer and get the most out of it. Not to mention, the hammer can also refill your ammo, allowing you to continue slaying enemies throughout the game.

True Challenge:

In terms of difficulty, like the base campaign and Ancient Gods Part 1, this DLC is very challenging. Full of encounters and enemy hordes that will devastate you if you don’t break them first. Although it is quite difficult, it is extremely fun. Giving you a hell of an experience.

It is not a true Doom experience, if there aren’t any powerful enemies to get in your way. And it is good to say that there are many new enemies that make an excellent addition to the hordes of hell. With new barons fitted with regenerating armour that will bring a world of hurt, riot soldiers with mighty front shields to block your damage, stone imps that can really take a punch if not using the full auto shotgun, screechers that will empower nearby enemies on death to challenge you even further and cursed prowlers that curse you, preventing you from dashing and cause a load of harm unless taken out with a glory punch. These enemies grant a great fight up until the final and only boss of the game. The final boss truly feels like a great final fight, fully of powerful mechanics to overcome and multiple phases to break down. A truly great fight.

Stunning Performance:

As always, the graphics and audio to this DLC are extraordinary. The soundtrack, as expected, is truly epic and sets an intense tone to the DLC and its levels. Elevating the gameplay to another level. The graphics and level designs are so amazing as well. With many great moments where you get to see some phenomenal scenes, that along with the sound track set an astonishing atmosphere. The graphics are stunning on every platform, even greater on PS5 and Xbox Series X. No matter what platform you are on, your mind will be blown.

With the performance, it is extremely strong. With very few issues being present. The DLC feels, overall, great. With gunplay, combat, platforming and so much more being perfected thanks to the strong performance, graphics, audio and more.

Love Game Pass:

One of the great things about this is that it is free on Xbox Game Pass, along with the base Doom Eternal game and Ancient Gods Part 1, so you can experience this great DLC for a great value.


Overall, the is DLC is very strong and puts a great ending to the Doom Eternal story. Although this DLC is short, it does not overstay its welcome and offers a great experience. However, you should know that this is purely a story DLC. There are no extra game modes for you to play. I am going to give The Ancient Gods a solid 9/10. A really entertaining DLC if you are a Doom fan. 

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