PS Plus May 2024

PS Plus May 2024

We are back with a brand new selection of video games waiting for you on PS Plus this May 2024! We have another incredible selection of video games waiting for you, but with these new games has came a selection of games leaving PS Plus. So, let’s have a look what games we will be welcoming in this month.


EA Sports FC 24

The first video game joining PS Plus in May 2024 is EA Sports FC 2024, still quite new and released only in 2023, this sport game is bringing back a brand new era with brand new teams, players, and leagues in a completely immersive football experience, a part of the iconic EA Sports Series.

Pros: Cons:
  • Has great depth to it
  • Brilliant hypermotionV realism.
  • Goalkeeper is AI.

    Ghostrunner 2

    Second on the list we have Ghostrunner 2, the platform, fighting sequel game to Ghostrunner which released in October 2020. This game, which came out 3 years later on October 26th 2023, takes place in a post-apocalyptic future, where it’s up to the players to survive the action and make it out alive.

    Pros:  Cons:
    • Brilliant smooth, fluid action
    • Solid storyline
    • Can become too challenging sometimes


      But if you want something a little less action-based, our next game is just what you need. In Tunic, the indie, role-playing game that released in March 2022, take control of a fox who is on a journey to free a fox spirit trapped inside a crystal.

      Pros: Cons: 
      • Beautiful environment
      • Great opportunities to explore.
      • Some bosses are to difficult

        Destiny 2: Lightfall

        And finally, bringing the action back we have Destiny 2: Lightfall, a shooter video game which was released in February 2023. Taking place after the original game which released all the way back in 2014, Lightfall follows the attack on a secret human city of Neomuna, where players take control of the exiled emperor Calus.

        Pros: Cons: 
        • Great improvements to last game
        • Stunning graphics
        • No real plotline


        Big games leaving PS Plus in May 2024:

        • Final Fantasy VIII Remastered – PS4
        • Last Stop – PS5, PS4
        • I Am Dead – PS5, PS4
        • Minecraft Legends – PS5, PS4
        • Observation – PS4
        • World of Final Fantasy – PS4
        • The Artful Escape – PS5, PS4


        April 2024 PS Plus Games:

        • Immortals of Aveum
        • Minecraft Legends
        • Skul: The Hero Slayer



        What are your thoughts on the upcoming May 2024 PS Plus games? Remember, we have plenty more waiting for you on our website, so don’t be shy… take a look now!

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