Lockdown 3.0: What that means for us

Lockdown 3.0: What that means for us-Custom Controllers UK

As of the 4th of January, we have entered a third lockdown due to a rise in COVID-19 cases. The Prime Minister announced that we would go into a third lockdown similar to previous lockdowns. But it is unknown how long this lockdown will last. As a result of the recent lockdown, we have set up and reinforced numerous measures to oblige lockdown rules. 

We will be taking a similar approach to this lockdown as with the previous two. Key workers will continue to work in the work place, and people who can work from remotely will. Despite the lockdown, our procedures and delivery times will remain the same as before. This means that any customers who have purchased products should not expect any delays with their products, unless any unexpected changes occur. 

Inside Custom Controllers UK: 

Here at CCUK, we want to keep all or our employees safe and our customers satisfied. We want to do this all while sticking to the guidelines introduced by the UK government and the World Health Organisation. All that we do also apply to the services we work with in order to deliver your products. 

In order to follow the guidelines set out, we have made numerous changes to ensure the safety of all of our employees during this lockdown. We have introduced and reinforced measures including: 

  • Employees able to work at home will, involving customer service and other employees 
  • Masks will always be worn when outside your designated work station  
  • One-way systems will be followed fully, following any floor stickers or instructions set out 
  • Break times and lunch will take place at different times for different teams to avoid any mixing of teams 
  • Workstations will be cleaned very efficiently at different points throughout the day. 

To ensure there are no issues if any further changes are made throughout the lockdown, our on-site team has all the equipment they may need in order to act and adapt quickly. This so that your purchase will be handled and delivered at the same quality as always.  

The on-site management teams have been given everything they may need, just in case any further changes are made throughout the lockdown and any on-site changes need to be made in order to adapt. This is all done to ensure that we can get products out as quick and as efficiently as possible so that you are satisfied with the product you receive.  

Finally, we at Custom Controllers UK would like to wish you the best of luck throughout the remainder of this lockdown and year! Thank you for reading, and good luck!  

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