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Crisis for Cyberpunk

Crisis for Cyberpunk-Custom Controllers UK

Following the catastrophic launch of Cyberpunk 2077 on the Xbox One and PS4, we have been thrown another unexpected twist by Sony today. Sony has officially announced that Cyberpunk 2077 has been removed from the PlayStation store until further notice, and customers who bought the game digitally will be offered refunds 

It is also important to note that Sony are only removing Cyberpunk from the PlayStation and not from accounts. So, customers who want to keep the product digitally can, and they will still be able to play the game 

The fact that Sony has never removed a game of this standard from their store before displays how concerned we should be as gamers. One of the most hyped-up games of this year removed from the Sony store for its terrible performance on PS4 compared to PS5 is a huge disappointment for thousands of people. Considering PS5s are currently so difficult to get, the feeling of neglect towards players who cannot upgrade is definitely present.  Being thrown an unfinished and barely playable experience for players on old generation consoles, just before Christmas, is a mistake that should not have occurred. 

As a community, we can all safely assume that this sudden withdraw is only temporary until Cyberpunk’s plethora of bugs and issues, ranging from mass crashing to dreadful resolutions and graphics, will be resolved on PS4. With CD Projekt Red already planning and working on numerous fixes and updates for old generation consoles over the next few months.  

But that brings us all to the question of, how long will we have to truly wait until we get the game we were promisedAs a community, having experienced multiple delays of this highly anticipated game, it is quite agitating knowing that even after the games release and now having access to the game, we will still be having to wait months until we receive the experience we were all hoping for. We can only ask questions, like how have these major issues pathed through the cracks? Or what is being done to solve and prevent these issues? But now our hope lies with CD Projekt Red, that they can restore and bring the high quality we were expecting on old-gen all those months ago.

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