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10 Hidden Features for Xbox Series X

10 Hidden Features for Xbox Series X-Custom Controllers UK

The Xbox Series X has how that it is a tremendous console, packed full with fascinating features, strong specifications and a whole lot of entertainment. We have picked ten of best hidden features found within the Xbox Series X, that you can use to your benefit.

Guide tab Customisation:

The Xbox Series X has a far greater level of customisation compared to previous Xbox consoles. Now being able to fully customise your guide tab. You can either use Microsoft’s set guide tab layout, or you can change it to how you want them. To customise your guide tab, simply do the following: press the Xbox button, then go to profile and system, then select customise guide tabs. Then you can change the layout of the guide tab by moving them with the d-pad. It is as simple as that.

Quick Resume Games:

The quick resume feature on the Xbox Series X cannot be turned on or off, and is extremely easy and simple to use. The quick resume feature allows you to go from game to game, and continue exactly where you left off. This way you do not have to worry about loading times, or losing progress. Quick resume instantly activates whenever you open a game. If you do not want a game to quick resume, then you just have to force quit the game.

Compatible with old devices:

The Xbox Series X is built with an IR receiver that makes it compatible with a collection of old devices, including controllers, headsets, remotes and much more. This way, you don’t have to worry about having to buy new devices that are compatible with the Xbox Series X.

Game pre loads:

It is very frustrating when a game you have been waiting for ages comes out, and you have to wait for the game to install and load before playing it. Well, Microsoft introduced a feature to counter this. On the Series X, you can now pre-load a game onto your console before it comes out, then you will be able to play the game whenever you pay for it and it releases. This works for both physical and digital games.

Background Customisation:

Now on the Xbox Series X, you can customise your background even further. With the addition of dynamic backgrounds and further customisation of the Xbox dashboard. When on the home screen, press the view button on your controller to bring up the customisation menu. This allows you to change numerous settings for your dashboard, such as colour, themes and more...

Control Xbox with Alexa and Google Assistant:

You can now also control your Xbox Series X with the help of your digital assistants Alexa and Google Assistant. They can help you traverse your dashboard or open certain apps or games. To activate these, simply go to “devices and connections” in settings and then open digital assistant. Then you can choose whichever you want to turn on. From there just follow the instructions that appear, and you will be set up.

Remote play:

You can now play your favourite Xbox games on your mobile device, tablet or other device. This is thanks to the Xbox Series X’s remote play feature, allowing to play wherever and whenever you want. All you need to do is simply go to “devices and connections” in settings and turn on remote features. Please note that your Xbox must be on “instant-on” mode within “power and start-up” within general in settings. Then you must enter the Xbox app on your mobile device and connect your device to your Xbox. Simply go to your library on the app, and go onto consoles. Then select your consoles and your device will connect.

Transfer games from Xbox One:

On the Xbox Series X, you can transfer games from your previous console, without having to wait for them to fully install. It is far faster to transfer these games from console to console, rather than fully reinstalling them. In order to do this, simply turn on both your Xbox One and Xbox Series X and make sure they are both connected to the same network connection. Once this is done, go to the system section in settings, then head into “backup and transfer” and then “network transfer.” Then you can decide which game you want to transfer, then wait for the transfer to complete.

Record Clips at a Maximum 4K Quality:

On the Xbox One, you could record clips at 720p resolution and 30fps. But on Xbox Series X, you can record your favourite moments at a 4K resolution and 60 fps. This allows you to record clips at a far higher quality and standard than before.

Backwards Compatibility:

One of the best things going for the Xbox Series X is its phenomenal backwards compatibility features. You can play thousands of updated games whenever you want. You are given a massive option of what you want to play on Xbox Series X, allowing you to play any game from the Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Xbox Series X also instantly plays these games with a much greater quality, making any game you play feel like they have been fully updated. This is thanks to the auto-HDR feature, that improves the resolution of all games you play.

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