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10 Hidden Features for the Nintendo Switch

10 Hidden Features for the Nintendo Switch-Custom Controllers UK

The Nintendo Switch has surged in popularity over the last few years, thanks to its great functionality, portability, fun games and much more. COVID-19 has impacted people in a massive way, with a lot of people being stuck inside with not much to do. The Nintendo Switch has helped a lot of people during these times, providing a lot of entertainment. To make your experience even better, we have looked into ten hidden features within the Nintendo Switch.


The Nintendo Switch offers you the opportunity to browse through the internet whenever you want to, thanks to its built-in browser. When connected to the internet through your Wi-Fi or other connection method, you can access Google. There a few steps you need to take in order to do this though. First you need to connect your Switch to the Wi-Fi connection that you use. This can be done by going into the internet section in settings. After doing that you need to change your DNS settings within “Change Settings” in the settings section of your network. Change your DNS from automatic to manual, and set your primary DNS to After saving these settings you will be taken back to the settings page. Here you will need to press “connect to this network.” When the pop up “registration is required to use this network” appears, simply press next. You should be taken to a different page where you can now connect to Google and browse the internet.

Find your Lost Controller:

Do you lose your controller a lot? Well, you no longer have to worry about losing it thanks to the Nintendo Switch’s “find controllers” feature. This feature will cause your Nintendo Joy-Con or controller to vibrate, making you aware of its location. This is very simple to do, just go into the controller section from home, and then press on find controllers. Then you can choose the controller you want to find. Please note that the controller you want to find must have been previously linked to your Switch, must have battery life and not linked to a different console.


The Nintendo Switch, as default, has a plain white theme as a background. Well, you can actually change this to a black theme if you want to. It is very easy to do this as well, all you need to do is go to the system settings and go down to the themes section. Here you can change the theme to your preference.

Track Activity through your Profiles:

You can track which games you have played, and how long you have played them by going into the profile you have used on your Nintendo Switch (go onto your profile picture/icon in the top left). Here you can see your activity, and also what your friends have been playing (and for how long).

Use Joy-Cons on Android and PC:

There is a way in which you can use your favourite Nintendo Joy-Cons on Android and PC. As Nintendo Joy-Cons use Bluetooth, you can connect them to a great number of different devices. So, all you simply need to do is turn on Bluetooth on which ever device you want to connect the controllers to, then press the sync button on your controller so that it starts flashing. Then the Joy-Cons should appear in devices under Bluetooth. Then, once connected, you can use your Joy-Con to play games on any device you want.

External Battery Packs:

One of the main selling points of the Nintendo Switch is its portability. But this does bring up some concern in terms of battery life while on the go. Well fortunately, the Nintendo Switch is compatible with external battery packs that run on batteries. Thanks to this, you do not have to worry about your Switch running out of battery while away from home and without a charger.

Region-Free Benefits:

The Nintendo Switch was made region-free, making all games from any region available to be played by anyone. So, you can import any game from any country and play it. But there are also a number of extra benefits to being region free. You can change your region on the Nintendo Switch (this is within the settings) to view different games or content from other regions. Allowing access to different region stores, such as the Japanese store and more.

Attach external accessories with USB:

One of the great things about the Switch is its compatibility with a massive variety of different devices. Thanks to Switch’s port, you can attach many devices like keyboards or headsets. Note that these devices must have a compatible cable in order to be used.

Additional Profiles:

You can add as many profiles as you want to your Nintendo Switch. These profiles can be used for different people, like friends or family, or used to make new game saves. This is great if you want to replay a game, but not reset your progress.

Turn on Your TV with the Switch:

As most people know, you can plug your Switch into your TV in order to play your favourite games on a larger screen. But a few people are unaware that you can actually turn your TV on with your Switch. Once plugged in to the TV, you can press the Switch’s on button, or home button, to turn on your Switch and the TV. If you want to change your TV settings on your Switch, you can go to TV settings within system settings, and change whatever you want.

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