Best Handheld Gaming Consoles Of 2023

Best Handheld Gaming Consoles Of 2023-Custom Controllers UK

What is the best portable game console 2023?

Portable gaming consoles are great as they can provide better gaming experiences as they can be used naturally like a mobile phone. These handheld devices can be used on the go, meaning they aren’t restrictive and are small enough to store away without taking up too much room. And as portable consoles become more and more popular, and with so many more entering the market… how do you determine which one is the best?

In this blog, we take a look at the most popular portable consoles, from the best handheld PC to the cheapest handheld console, providing our positives and negatives for tech device, helping you decide which console is for you!

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Nintendo Switch Lite Console

Which portable gaming system is best?

Nintendo Switch Lite Console:

The Nintendo Switch Lite Console was released in September 2019, specifically designed for handheld pay. It’s a compact, lightweight addition to the Nintendo Switch family which is also the smallest of the devices making it practical for portable gaming. Containing integrated controls, the Nintendo Switch Lite is now the third best-selling console of all time, just behind the PlayStation and Xbox.

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 Pros: Cons:
  • Supports massive library of games
  • Great battery life
  • Lot more colours available than standard model
  • No kickstand
  • Cannot be docked

    Steam Deck:

    Released in February 2022, the Steam Deck is a handheld PC portable console designed to be a powerful computer in your hands that can be played on the go. The games available are the same games that can be played on the PC, and with its popularity growing, the Steam Deck is projected to sell over 3 million units by the end of 2023.

     Pros: Cons:
    • Lightweight and comfortable
    • Fast loading times
    • Strong storage space
    • Can overheat frequently
    • Can often shut down

      Backbone One PlayStation Console:

      The Backbone One PlayStation Console is inspired to look and feel like the PS Dual sense Controller, giving users tactical control to enhance their gaming experience on mobile phones. Announced in 2022, the console can be paired with the app to play anywhere, its compatibility being so popular amongst iPhone users it was shortly adapted to fit the android phones also.

       Pros: Cons:
      • Build quality is strong
      • USB-C port means phone stays locked in
      • Large device, easy to hold
      • Awkward button placement
      • Doesn't feel like a PlayStation console.

        Nintendo Switch OLED:

        Another portable console from the Nintendo Switch family is the Nintendo Switch Oled which was released October 2021. It’s a slightly slimmer, lighter device with a vibrant 7-inch OLED screen, although this device can be plugged into a TV and played wired; it can also be used wirelessly and held around the house or on the go, making it great for compatibility. The Switch OLED model has sold over 9 million units since its release, representing a 58% increase in sales year over year.

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         Pros: Cons:
        • Larger screen
        • Accurate colours on screen
        • Enhanced speakers
        • No upgrade in tv mode
        • Durability concerns

          Razer Edge Gaming Tablet:

          Released in January 2023, the Razer Edge Gaming Tablet is the size of a large smartphone, but simply wider. The device is used for playing games with touch controls, it runs no-frills version of android, so gamers can get right to gaming but can download other apps if wanted. The wide screen size of this console makes it extremely popular amongst gaming fans.

           Pros: Cons:
          • Powerful device
          • Smooth game streaming
          • Removable controllers
          • Lacks a kickstand
          • More expensive

            Razer Kishi Mobile Gaming:

            Finally, the last portable console on our list is the Razer Kishi Mobile Gaming Console which was released in June 2020. It is designed to be a console level controller that can be used on the go. The universal controller fits most smartphones, and as its compatible in both iOS and android, its hugely popular amongst mobile gamers.

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             Pros: Cons:
            • Great compatibility
            • Low latency inputs
            • Doesn't work with wired headphones
            • Connection when cloud gaming can be poor


              Hopefully this blog has provided you with an insight into the best portable gaming consoles out there. With so many in the market it can be difficult to determine which one is the best for you.

              Do you have a favourite portable gaming console? Which one do you want to try?


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