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What VR Headsets Work With Xbox One?

What VR Headsets Work With Xbox One?

Is VR compatible with Xbox?

The world of VR is still very new to the gaming industry, and whilst there are plenty of VR headsets available with their own specific games, in comparison to other major gaming and tech releases, it is still a very small concept that hasn’t been properly explored. However despite this, these headsets have still gained huge popularity within the time they’ve been available, and many big gaming companies like PlayStation have tried to latch onto the VR trend and create something new. Some recent consoles like the PlayStations PS5 are compatible with VR headsets with PlayStation themselves creating their own VR headset, the PSVR2. But whilst we assumed their competitor Xbox would compete and try to challenge for the top spot of best VR headset, it seems like they haven’t even bothered.

But what if you have an old gaming console like the Xbox One and want to still try out these VR features? We are here to take a look at Xbox Ones compatibility with VR headsets, looking to see if Xbox One is compatible at all… let’s get into it!

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Are VR headsets compatible with Xbox One?

Technically, there are no current headsets that are designed for Xbox One to use in particular. In fact, lots of Xbox consoles aren’t compatible at all with virtual reality. This is because the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer stated that Xbox are focused on upcoming projects and improving their future tech rather than incorporating VR into older and lesser popular devices like the One. Virtual Reality as a whole is more than just creating a headset but it’s also about designing immersive games that keep you engaged wearing the headset whilst also making sure the headset specifically is comfy allowing for the users to feel immersed in the first place. It’s a big job to try and complete so we can understand why Xbox don’t want to fully commit to this at current time. But could we see more when the updated Xbox Series X 2024 console is released?

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However, some cheats and alternatives can be done to beat the system to maintain some VR features. Although Microsoft doesn’t have a specific Xbox One VR Headset, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your favourite Xbox-exclusive titles with other VR headsets. With the Xbox One streaming app, play your Xbox One games directly on the Oculus Rift device. Connect to your console through the app and watch your games come to life on a huge virtual screen! But remember, as there is no VR Xbox headset specifically, these headsets act like a second screen rather than a fully interactive experience, so keep this in mind when playing.


Other details:

  • VR Headsets that work best with Xbox One includes Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PS VR.
  • Download the Oculus streaming app for the Xbox One and expand your library of Oculus games to include some of your favourite titles.
  • Not all games are available in VR, so you will need to choose a game that is specifically designed for VR play.

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We assume as VR technology advances that the introduction of VR will be bought to many more gaming consoles. For now, why not take a look at some of our previous VR blogs available to help further your knowledge. What VR games would you love to see available? Let us now in the comments below.

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