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Best PC Controllers Guide

Best PC Controllers Guide

What controllers can I use to play on PC?

If you are a PC gamer, we understand that sometimes there is nothing better than putting down the mouse and keyboard and gaming the traditional way, using a good old gaming controller! But do you know which controllers are compatible with PC? And which ones are the best options?

In this blog, we take a look at our top 4 choices for the best pc gaming controller options to make your gaming experience that much smoother and enjoyable. So let’s have a look at what controller is better for PC?


1- Xbox Series X/S:

The first controller we recommend that is compatible with the PC is the Xbox controllers but specifically the xbox series x/s controller. The controller includes a feature that allows for quickly switching between a paired Bluetooth device and a PC by using Xbox Wireless. With the Xbox Wireless Adapter, players can connect their wireless controllers and play games wirelessly on Windows PC.

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2- PS4 Dualshock Wireless Controller:

Along with Xbox, it isn’t a shock that the other gaming giant, PlayStation, is compatible with PC. Specifically the PS4 Dualshock wireless controller, connect to a Windows PC using a dualshock 4 USB wireless adaptor or a micro USB cable that is equally compatible.


3- Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra:

There are other big names within gaming that provide gaming controllers that work perfectly on the PC. For example, the Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra (although licensed for Xbox) works well on other platforms like Xbox, PC and other Bluetooth equipped mobile devices. This turtle beach ultra stealth controller has rapid charge, adjustable triggers and command display meaning you are ready for any battle!


4- Turtle Beach React-R:

And finally, our last choice for compatible PC gaming controllers is another Turtle Beach entree, the Turtle Beach React-R. This controller is literally built for both console and PC gaming, meaning you will have no problem connecting and playing away!


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PC Gaming Pros:  PC Gaming Cons:
  • Better graphics
  • Additional customisation options
  • More expensive
  • Stationary 



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