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Alone In The Dark Remake Review

Alone In The Dark Remake Review

Is Alone in the Dark remake?

The 2024 Alone In The Dark video game is a reimagined version of the 1992 alone in the dark playstation 1 and alone in the dark ps2 game and is also the 7th instalment in the series. Available on March 20th 2024 on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, the game has been widely anticipated for a while now. Due to being a remake of a classic plus its ongoing pushback release date for the previous months, gamers are finally excited to get their hands on it! But now the game is available to the public, it doesn't have the reception initially expected. There have been a lot of interesting reviews with many being a lot more negative than positive.

So let’s have a look at what could have gone wrong with the Alone In The Dark Remake video game, giving our own thoughts to the game and comparing them with other players.


What is the story of the game Alone in the Dark?

The storyline is more or less the same as the original, still set in a gothic 1930 American South following main character Emily Hartwood and private investigator Edward Carnaby. The pair travel to Derecto Manor which is a home for the mentally fatigued, where they embark on a paranormal mission to investigate into the disappearance of Jeremy Hartwood, Emilys uncle. Offering a couple of frightening jump scares, the game focuses on spooking the player with the use of unique character interactions and psychological scares.

The storyline of the game is where a lot of people fault Alone In The Dark Remake. The plot slightly strays from the original game's storyline adding in new supporting characters that don’t bring any real purpose or added meaning when playing. Lot’s have speculated the game is more of a reimagined video game with its expanded storyline rather than a complete remake.


How scary is Alone in the Dark?

Described as a survival horror game within the horror gaming genre, fans were upset that there are very few horror scares within the game. Although there are plenty of spooks and thrills within it, most are built up using the game's soundtrack and creepy atmosphere. It doesn’t feel like the game is a real horror video game, more of a creepy thriller with an unsettling vibe. If you are looking for a complete copy of the original when it comes to horror elements, Alone In The Dark Remake doesn’t deliver.

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One aspect of the game always assumed to impress was when it came to graphics. Considering the 2024 edition is based on the game from around 30 years ago, we always knew the way the characters looked and moved would be a significant improvement.

When it comes to the characters, they look a lot more convincing and realistic, with impressive facial expressions and natural animations. But this seems to be where the realism stops. The monsters feel rushed and messy, their animations aren’t as sharp and take away from the horror aspect, meaning all fright and tension the monsters bring is lost. This is very disappointing because how can a horror genre video game be scary with poor horror elements?


New features:

  • Bigger cast and characters
  • Improved visuals
  • Altered storyline
  • Modern assistance mode – gives option to actively mark map with clues and hints
  • Modernised gameplay
  • Expanded storyline
Pros:  Cons:
  • The stunning setting of the game
  • Gothic atmosphere
  • Unexpected storyline
  • Boring combat
  • Poor horror elements


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In conclusion, we have mixed thoughts on this game. It seems like there is no problem with the actual game, more the way it's been described and promoted. Perhaps being labelled as a survival thriller would have been better than a horror video game and naming the game as a reimagined version rather than a remake again would have helped to avoid confusion. If you are a die-hard Alone In The Dark fan it will come as a shock to anyone expecting the same gameplay and storyline.

But on the other hand, if you are looking for a reimagined edition of the game with a modern twist then this game will pleasantly surprise you. We believe reviews wouldn’t have been as bad if it wasn’t for the anticipation around the game and how the game has been promoted.

But what are your thoughts? We want to know, make sure to leave them below and look out for the rest of our video game reviews on our blog page.

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