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The PlayStation Spring Sale – A Huge Number of Offers

The PlayStation Spring Sale – A Huge Number of Offers-Custom Controllers UK

Sony have announced through their PlayStation blog, that starting from the 31st or March, the huge PlayStation spring sale will begin. A sale that contains a massive number of games, add-ons and much more. The sale is set to last for around four weeks, and will be split into two different sales. The first part of the sale, containing the first wave of games will be available from Wednesday 31st March.

The second half of the sale will take place on Wednesday the 14th of April, and will put up a whole new wave of games for sale. In this blog, we will be taking a look at some of the gems that will be available within the first wave of the sale, and are available right now.

God of War – Digital Deluxe Edition

First on our list is 2018’s game of the year: God of War. Serving as the fourth main entry in the critically acclaimed God of War series. Taking place many years after the events of God of War 3, God of War 4 takes place within the Norse based world of Midgard. Allowing you to explore new areas and realms, face new and dangerous foes, meet fascinating characters and enjoy some memorable moments.

The story is based around Kratos and his son Atreus, going to spread their mother’s ashes. But it takes a right turn, and becomes a far greater challenge, when a mysterious stranger starts hunting them down.

You can enjoy the extremely well-done main story, or a great variety of exciting side missions that have you travel and explore the massive world. Combined with a very deep and strong combat system and great boss fights, this game is extremely fun.

With a new God of War entry expected to release soon, it will be worth experiencing the events of God of War (2018). Available now for only £16.74.

Bioshock: The Collection

The next entry on our list is a classical game that withstands the test of time: the Bioshock collection. This collection holds all of the Bioshock games and their add-ons, containing everything that has been made for these games from the original release in 2007 and onwards. Completely remastered so that you can enjoy the stunning tales they tell, at a stunning quality.

This collection is split into the original Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite. Taking place in astonishing hidden cities, loaded with dark themes and underlying tones. With Bioshock 1 and 2 taking place in the hidden underwater city of Rapture, that lies in turmoil after its citizens were driven insane by the use of powerful, but highly addictive, plasmids. Plasmids are injectables that alter the user's genetic structure to give them rare and devastating abilities, like summoning lightning.

Bioshock Infinite plays along the themes set in its predecessors, but in a very different way. Taking place in the soaring city of New Columbia. A flying city that appears very bright and developed when you first enter, but as you go along you discover the dark foundation that it is built on. Featuring new “vigors” that give you unique ability, but are drinkables, rather than injectables compared to the original injectables.

All of these games include incredible, mind boggling stories that will take you through different locations and face powerful enemies that offer an extraordinary experience. Along with story modes, you will find alternate game modes and DLCs for you to experience.

Available now in PlayStation’s Spring sale for only £8.99, a great price for three amazing games and a wonderful game series.

The Last of Us Remastered

Next on our list is a game that anyone should experience, an absolute masterpiece that has rightfully earned itself over 200 Game of the Year awards. The Last of Us Remastered is a game with a beautiful story that you will not forget. Originally releasing in 2013, a few years later this game earned itself a remaster for PS4. And it is clear why.

The story contained within this game is one of the best stories you can experience in a game at the moment. Taking place in a post pandemic world where humanity has been devastated. Most of the world has been taken over by a horrifying brain infection that drives people insane, turning them into dangerous, and mindless, beings that hunt the remaining survivors of the world.

You play as Joel, a man who lost everything when the infection hit, who has been hired to smuggle Ellie, a 14-year-old girl, across a broken USA. A job that seemingly seems quite minor, but becomes far more important and brutal as you move along.

The Last of Us remastered includes all territory packs, DLCs and more to be experienced within one great price. Available within the spring sale for only £7.99, a phenomenal price that cannot be ignored.

Ghost of Tsushima

The fourth entry to our list is a more recent entry: Ghost of Tsushima. Releasing in 2020, Ghost of Tsushima has been critically acclaimed for its strong story, wonderful environment, fun and effective combat styles, great themes and so much more. It is easy to understand why this game is held in such high standards.

This game takes place on Tsushima island, the last barrier between Japan a brutal Mongol invasion force. You play as samurai warrior Jin Sakai, who is fighting to save his people and home from the horror of this Mongol invasion.

You get to experience the open world of Tsushima. Allowing you to explore and discover ancient and hidden wonders that make up a stunning wide world that you are fighting to defend. Come face to face with your enemy and engage in combat with an amazing combat experience that truly makes you feel like a samurai.

Ghost of Tsushima and Ghost of Tsushima Deluxe Edition are both on offer now for £31.34 and £40.29 respectively. A great price for a game with a brilliant story and immersive world that offers you an accurate and awesome feeling.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5, or GTA 5, is the next entry in our list. And it is very easy as to see why. GTA 5 is simply a really fun and amazing experience. A massive game which includes an entertaining and engaging story, a huge number of activities that you can enjoy with your friends, and a massive collection of devastating and amazing vehicles, items and more.

The story is a fun, single player experience that you can enjoy. Taking on one big story from the perspective of three different characters, who boast their own abilities and stories. You play as each of these characters and engage in a huge world of crime, where your simple aim is to get money.

GTA 5 online is one of the best parts of this game. Allowing you to create your own character, to take engage in the world of crime with your friends and other people playing. You can set up and take on huge heists to earn money, and get yourself a mass variety of weaponry and vehicles. There is so much to do in GTA online, and a ton of fun that you can experience with all of your friends.

With the spring sale, you can currently get GTA V premium edition. Including GTA 5, GTA 5 online and the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack. All of this for a low cost of £12.59. With the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack, you can begin your criminal enterprise with your own executive office, underground bunker, counterfeiting cash factory, 10 great vehicles and a number of weapons, outfits and tattoos.

The Witcher 3

Another game that has earned itself the status of Game of the Year: The Witcher 3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an action role playing game and serves as the sequel of 2011’s Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. This game has been boasted as one of the best games around by a huge community of players, and you can see why.

You play as Geralt, in the wide-open world of the Northern Kingdoms. Where settlements are being destroyed by a dangerous army, an army named as the Wild Hunt. Along your story you will experience a gripping story and characters that make the game extraordinary.

You can travel to countless locations across the Norther Kingdoms, and encounter a huge number of different characters and merchants. You can build up your character to take on dangerous opponents, from brutal creatures to harsh enemies, you have tons to experience.

Experience the Witcher 3 Game of the Year edition now for only £6.99. An amazing price that any player should take a good look at, especially if you have not played the game before.

Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal

The last two entries on our list are the two most recent in the Doom franchise. Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal. Two very highly rated game that have you engage the hordes of Hell in brutal and very fast paced combat. Destroy your prey with the most powerful weaponry and the demonic invasion of your universe.

Doom (2016) starts with you, the Doom Slayer, awaking to a demonic invasion of Mars. You are approached by Samuel Hayden, who is seeking your help to end the threat. Tearing through vastly unique and powerful demons to find the cause of the invasion, and end it.

Doom Eternal takes place after the events of Doom 2016, the demonic invasion has spread to Earth. Still playing as the Doom Slayer, you are seeking to rid Earth of evil. Facing new threats and unique demons, you slay your way through a number of amazing levels to destroy the threat that has risen from Hell. Fitted with new abilities and weapons, like your new shoulder-mounted flamethrower, you will experience great combat.

Both games have a number of great modes that you can enjoy after finishing the brutal story. Meaning that there is plenty of you to experience and more for you to destroy.

Available now in the spring sale, you can get Doom (2016) for £7.99 and Doom Eternal standard edition for £21.99.

That is our selection of some of the best games you can get right now within the PlayStation spring sale. Available for some great prices, you can experience some truly astonishing games.

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