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Xbox Live Gold Free Games Announced

Xbox Live Gold Free Games Announced-Custom Controllers UK

Xbox have announced their line up for April’s free Xbox Live Gold Games. Allowing players to permanently get four games that they can play on their Xbox or Xbox Series X. The games for April are not that enthralling, with the line-up consisting of Vikings: Wolves of Midgard, Truck Racing Championship that were made for Xbox One. With Dark Void and Hard Corps: Uprising being made for Xbox 360.

Vikings: Wolves of Midgard

Vikings – Wolves of Midgard is a role-playing game that takes place in the Viking filled world of Midgard. Based on Norse mythology and tales, where you play as a clan chief attempting to save your people, and the rest of the world, from Ragnarök and a number of dangerous creatures. This game is normally worth around £35, but you can get it now for free with Xbox Gold.

Truck Racing Championship

Truck Racing Championship is a racing game, where you, obviously, race against opponents in trucks. FIA European Truck Racing Championship has five single player modes you can play and 5 multi-player modes that let you face off against other players online. You can experience many different tracks, varying in difficulty and features, along with different trucks that you can use. This game normally costs around £40, but is free for April with Xbox Live Gold.

Dark Void

From the Xbox 360, the action and adventure shooter: Dark Void. A game that takes place in a dark alternate world that is full of hostile alien creatures. Take to the sky with your powerful jetpack and eliminate your enemies with a vast arsenal of weapons. Uncover a deep mystery with Dark Void. Usually available for around £12, you can now get this for free this April as long as you have Xbox Live Gold.

Hard Corps

Hard Corps: Uprising is a retro run-and-gun game packed full of action and unique areas and enemies. A 2D based game that pays homage to the classic action game Konami. You must slay hordes of enemies in either the gruesome arcade mode or engage brutal levels with the rising mode. You can even play with a friend to make the game that much easier and enjoyable. This game normally costs around £10, but you can get it for free this month with Xbox Live Gold.

Four games available for free with a combined value of around £97, you can enjoy many different games forever and for free with Xbox Live Gold.

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