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Disco Elysium Final Cut – An Overview of Changes

Disco Elysium Final Cut – An Overview of Changes-Custom Controllers UK

Disco Elysium Final Cut has released for PlayStation and PC, offering an enhanced experience on the original Disco Elysium. Though it is only available for PS4, PS5 and PC at the moment, it will become available for both Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch later this year. This blog will quickly go over the changes that have been introduced in order to make your Disco Elysium even better.

The first and most notable change for Disco Elysium Final Cut is the introduction of voice acting. The Final Cut is now fully voiced, unlike the original. It is quoted that “over a million words had to be voiced.” Which is incredibly impressive. And it is good to say that the voice acting works well. Many different cultures and accents have been used for voices, offering a really fun, interesting and unique voice experience. The voice acting really brings the characters to life, packed full of emotion, giving the game that extra edge.

Another major addition to the final cut is the introduction of four new political vision quests. With each play through, your decisions and interactions with customers will unlock one of the four new quests. Your political alignment will take you through new stories and offer new interaction that adds far more depth to your character. The quests and their outcomes will impact the story later on. These quests also give you the chance to explore new areas, great sights and more so that you can leave your mark on the world.

The next major addition to the final cut is the new streamer mode. A mode made for people who want to stream Disco Elysium Final Cut without any issues, and with a bit more fun. Within this streamer mode, copyrighted music is replaced with music that is not. Making it safe to play your audio to the audience without any issues. Upon that are new Twitch integration features. There are two major features in this to get your viewers interacting. The first allows viewer voting that determines what the streamer’s actions will be. The second allows viewers to vote to increase or decrease stats, changing the outcome and interactions.

Playability and performance have also been greatly improved. In order to match the PlayStation 5’s high standard, 4K and 60 fps is now capable with Disco Elysium Final Cut. Allowing for the best performance overall.

A few other changes involve the introduction of some new problem-solving methods that you can discover and use, as well as some new music and art that can be found within the game.

One of the best things about Disco Elysium Final Cut though, is that if you already own Disco Elysium, you can get the final cut for free. A great move, allowing people who own the game the ability to experience these extra additions for nothing extra.

Overall, these changes are very strong. Offering a far greater experience in Disco Elysium compared to the original. Allowing players to enjoy an entertaining experience with even better features and moments.

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