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PS VR 2 Update - What We Know Now

PS VR 2 Update - What We Know Now-Custom Controllers UK

Almost a year ago, it was announced through the PlayStation blog that a new PlayStation VR was in the works. At the time details were very scarce, but now we have got an update. With new reveals coming from the announcement and the CES 2022 event and a recent blog from PlayStation Blog. There is a lot to be excited for. So, let’s get into it.

PlayStation VR 2 Sense Controller

Kicking off with the PlayStation VR2 Sense Controller. Details are still limited, but there is one thing we know for sure. The New PS VR controller will feature both adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, two of the most exciting features in the PS5 DualSense controller.

If you don’t know what these are then I will quickly explain. Adaptive triggers and haptic feedback are two features that respond to what you do in your game to give you a better feel for it. Whether it is switching or firing a weapon, getting into a boss fight and so much more. Adaptive triggers will change the trigger resistance as you play and haptic feedback will alternate the intensity of the controller vibrations.

With these two features making their way to the PlayStation VR 2 controller, it is sure to be better than ever and bound to make for a more immersive experience. And with how great the PS5 controller has been so far, the next PS VR controller sounds extremely promising.

PlayStation VR 2 Headset

Now onto the main event. The PlayStation VR 2. We have known for a while that the PS VR 2 will feature fewer cables along with higher quality (obviously). But now we have some specifics. And it sounds incredible.

We will start off with the PS VR 2 graphic updates, and I will make it quick. The first big thing is that it will have 4K HDR and a 110 degrees field of view, creating a very high-quality visual experience. But it doesn’t stop there. The PlayStation VR 2 will also feature an OLED display that allows for a resolution of 2000x2040 for each eye and 90/120Hz frame rates. This is just one part of the device and already it sounds like an enormous improvement. Obviously, some of you may have to be cautious of motion sickness and adapting to such high visuals.

Eye tracking seems to be a nice touch that will be added too. The next generation PS VR will contain this new feature and is designed to provide a greater feeling of realism. The PlayStation VR 2 will track the movement of your eyes to create another input for the game character you will be playing as. Allowing you to look around quickly rather than having to make full controller and headset movements. And when combined with the new headset-based controller tracking, the realism is only boosted further. The PSVR 2 uses inside-out tracking to follow you and your controller while playing. This will cause your movements to be reflected in-game, again making the whole VR experience a lot more realistic.

The last key point to bring up is headset feedback. This is a brand-new sensory feature that creates vibrations in response to numerous in-game actions. Imagine haptic feedback with the PS5 controller, but instead applied for the whole headset. For example, if you were playing a racing game you would be able to feel the thrust of the car you are in as you accelerate. This sensor works through a single motor that is built into the headset and will automatically set off when a certain action has been carried out.

Common Questions

Some of you may have many questions about the PS VR 2, as do I. But there are a few we can safely guess the answers to. Firstly, when is the PS VR 2 coming out? Though no date has been confirmed yet, we can assume it will be later into this year. Most likely around Christmas time.

The PS VR 2 is set to be the start to next-generation VR headsets, but will the PS VR 2 work on PS4? Most likely not. During the CES 2022 event, the PS VR 2 was described as the “next generation VR for the PS5.” So, it seems like this will be next-generation exclusive.

Lastly, the question on most people’s mind, how much will the PS VR 2 cost? Again, it is unconfirmed. But best guess it that it will be around the £400 mark to match the price of competing headsets.

My Thoughts

The PS VR has always been a bit of a mixed subject for me. I found the original quite messy when it came to playing. The wiring was a pain to sort out and quality early on wasn’t fantastic. VR has never been my first option when it comes to playing, and I am sure many of you feel the same way. I do believe that VR offers a really entertaining and realistic gaming experience whenever you play, and the PS VR 2 looks like it is going to take the experience to the next level. All of the features and improvements that have been announced so far all seem to be really exciting, but we still don’t have a lot to go on. I just want to see a bit more before making a decision I want to get one or not.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to drop a comment below if you would like to share. I will be sure to give the PS VR another look when new gameplay and other information is shown. But until then, we have some really exciting games to look forward to. If you would like to get more details regarding the PS VR 2, we recommend checking out the PS VR 2 blog on the PlayStation blog website.

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