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Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Game Review

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Game Review Info

Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown is a platform, action-adventure game which was released on January 18th, 2024, on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. It is an original story set in the Prince Of Persia universe, one of the many games introduced to the universe since its original release around 30 years ago, all the way back in 1989. There has been plenty of anticipation for the upcoming game since the Prince of Persia the lost crown trailer was released last year, and we have been excited to try it out!

Now it’s here, it’s time to dive into what we think about the new Prince Of Persia game, delving into the game's graphics, storyline and some improvements we’d love to see to help you determine if this game was worth the wait!

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What is the plot of the Prince of Persia?

Before we delve into our full review, let’s remind ourselves of the story of The Lost Crown, and what to expect when playing. The game is centred around Sargon, the youngest member of Persia’s most elite warriors, who is on a quest to rescue the kidnapped Prince Ghassan from the city of Mount Quaf. A city, which was once a wonderous place, but is now a hostile and cursed land.

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Gameplay and storyline:

Focussing on the gameplay and feel of the game, the storytelling and plot were very compelling and entertaining, with a world that feels fresh and has a strong overall aesthetic and colour theme. It never felt like the storyline was dipping or became bland, there was always something happening. The atmosphere of the game too is very strong, with a good variety in the map design.

Graphics and world design:

When it comes to the special effects and graphics, there are very few effects throughout the game. We thought this was a positive as with a platform game, sometimes added special effects can feel like too much and appear messy on the screen, but with Prince Of Persia, the addition of special effects wouldn’t have added anything to the story. The graphics were simple yet effective giving a cartoon-like crossover with realism.

Referring back to the platform game genre aspect, considering platform games give players little space to move (only forward and backward, up and down in a 2D motion) and a lack of map exploration, the game is great at adding details to the plot and background furthering the story on, which is an aspect that can be easily lost within these types of games.



In general, there are a lot of positives about this game, with the graphic quality and world design being strong contenders for first place. But of course, we still managed to find some areas for improvement that would make the game even better.

Firstly, something we noted as a positive. There are no special effects. Although this is a positive as they aren’t needed to move the story along, a couple of effects may have been good to add just to keep the interest up, luckily as the game was so entertaining, these special effects weren’t a total loss.

Secondly, whilst we mentioned the storyline is compelling, it takes a while to get started. It felt like we were waiting to begin playing the game, something that could feel frustrating for some gamers.

Pros: Cons:
  •  Good movement freedom for a platform game
  • Strong world map layout
  • Exciting storyline
  • Lack of special effects
  • Too many characters at some points



In conclusion, the new Prince Of Persia game is a good game release for the gaming industry in 2024. It had big expectations especially being one of the first game releases in 2024, however, it proved itself worthy. We loved the way the world looked, through imagery and aesthetics which was our favourite aspect. But have you played it yet? We’d love to know if you agree with our thoughts. Leave a comment below telling us how you got on playing. And check out our other video games on our website, we have plenty!

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