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PlayStation PS5 Access Controller Review

PlayStation PS5 Access Controller Review-Custom Controllers UK

At the very start of 2023 all the way back in January at the Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, Sony and PlayStation unveiled their new project of creating an accessible gaming controller for disabled gamers which would be released later in 2023. In May 2023, to celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day, a first look was announced of what to expect from the controller, however no official release day was given.

But now the controller release date has been announced, along with a long list of the controllers features and benefits, plus how much the controller is expected to be.

In this blog, we take a look at what the access controller ps5 consists of and why it is so important to the gaming industry in general.


What is the PS5 access controller for?

The PS5 Access Controller is a highly customisable PS5 piece of tech that is designed to make gaming accessible for everyone.

It is customed to meet all players needs, meaning players with disabilities can now play for longer and much more comfortably. The keys on the controllers can be changed around and re-structured in general to suit the players needs better. And as well as this, a custom PS5 kit has been released alongside the controller to add even more adaptive features to the device.


Why is accessibility important in video games?

Lots of normal gaming controllers aren’t ideal for players with disabilities, their small buttons, triggers, and handheld build can make it more difficult for less abled gamers to play. That’s why with these flat controllers, and adaptive extension kits, all players are now able to game how they want, comfortably and for longer.

What is a adaptive controller?

  • Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller
  • Quad Stick Adaptive Controller
  • Voice Controlled Controller
  • Single Hand Xbox Controllers
  • One switch controller


What is the special feature of the PS5 controller?

Changeable buttons and keys:

With the swappable buttons and stick cap key options, the keys come in different shapes and sizes, so it is easier for all kinds of players to grip or hold the buttons.

Adjustable Control Stick:

The adjustable stick length options mean the control stick can be altered to be longer or shorter depending on the gamer, to improve comfort levels.

Circular Shape Of Controller:

With a circle structure and 360 degree access to all keys, the controller can fit on any flat surface, wheelchair tray or AMPS pattern mount.

Controller Compatibility:

Combine up to two other access controllers along with a classic PS5 controller, for maximum accessibility and gameplay action.

Additional Inputs:

And if you still want more accessible features, with the 4 extension inputs, connect additional buttons, triggers, switches, and accessories to make your experience smoother. The extension controller kit will be great for this feature!


Pros and cons of PS5 access controller

 Pros: Cons:
  • Great for inclusiveness
  • Has adaptive kits for even more versatile gaming
  • Compatible with every PS5 console and game
  • Around same price as the original PS5 controller
  • Not completely accessible for everyone
  • Still lacking some accessibility options
  • Not available on PS4


How much is the PS access controller?

The PS5 Access Controller will be available to the public from December 6th, 2023, it can be ordered directly from PlayStation and is set to be released at just under £80. For PlayStation Plus members ordering off the PlayStation website, they can enjoy free delivery on the product.



So what are your thoughts? We think the new accessible controller is a great step for a more diverse gaming community. We cannot wait to see what additions will be made to the controller as tie progresses and we hope other big companies like Nintendo will also jump on this accessible opportunity too.  

So where do you think gaming will go from here? What new adaptive features do you want to see? Make sure to tell us in the comments! 


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