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PlayStation Plus December 2023

PlayStation Plus December 2023-Custom Controllers UK

The last PlayStation Plus release of 2023 is here! And we are here to unveil the final 3 video games that PlayStation Plus has to offer. Get ready to delve deeper into this month’s games which include Lego 2K Drive, Power Wash Simulator, and Sable. So quickly, let’s check them out!

Lego 2K Drive 

The first game of the final PlayStation Plus 2023 set is Lego 2K Drive, the racing video game released earlier this year in May 2023. In the action, adventure game, gamers play as ‘the rookie’, who is on a mission to beat rivals in races across four lands before facing off against the cartoonishly evil Shadow Z.

PS Plus users can experience this game on PS4 and PS5 now.

 Pros: Cons:
  • Creative freeform racing
  • Fun vehicle customisation
  • Online multiplayer options
  • Side activities can be boring
  • Open world zones aren't linked together

    Powerwash Simulator 

    However, if you are interested in a more relaxed gameplay with task completion activities, the second PlayStation Plus game is a great alternative. In this casual, shooter video game which was released in May 2021, players take control of a power washing business to complete various jobs to earn money, the objective is to get all the dirt off the objects and buildings.

    PS Plus users can experience this game on PS4 and PS5 now.

     Pros: Cons:
    • Low pressure, relaxing game
    • Strong graphics and visuals
    • Quirky storyline
    • Water and dirt aren't that realistic
    • Character walks slowly



    And finally, the last game of 2023’s PlayStation Plus is Sable, the adventure puzzle game released in September 2021. This game is a great option for those who love puzzles and problem solving. In the game, players explore a ruined desert planet, completing several puzzle tasks as they go.

    PS Plus users can experience this game on PS4 and PS5 now.

    Pros: Cons:
    •  Unique storyline
    • Strong theming
    • Good graphics
    • Can feel repetitive
    • Occasionally feels empty


    PlayStation Plus November 2023 Games: 

    • Mafia II: Definitive Edition
    • Aliens: Fireteam Elite
    • Dragon Ball: The Breakers



    So what do you think of this years PlayStation Plus games? Can’t remember which games have been featured this year? We have documented every month, so you could never forget! Make sure to check out the rest of our blogs to see what other games have been involved in past PS Plus games.

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