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Our Create Your Own Controller Builders-Custom Controllers UK


For all the gamers out there, we have expanded our Create Your Own Controller builder collection. Now, you can you get your own personalised controller from us, no matter which console you are on. We now have builders for each platform, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4 and PS5, including elite series 2 controller builders. And we will continue to add amazing designs and features that you will only find from us.

The custom controller you build will always be made from official brand-new controllers, that are redesigned to your choosing by our controller specialists.

With our spring sale still ongoing, it is worth taking a look at our custom builders.

Xbox One:

Here is a visual display of our Xbox One controller builder in action. As of making this blog you can choose between multiple different designs for the controller, colours for the thumb sticks, buttons, d-pads and bumpers. Allowing for great customisation. And we will continue to add more and more customisation options over time, so that you can continue to get brilliant quality at great prices. A great controller option for gameplay on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Customise now your very own Xbox One S Controller

Xbox Series X:

And now, to accompany the increase of Xbox Series X available, we have made our Xbox Series X controller builder accessible. Allowing you to choose whichever design and part customisation you would like on your Xbox Series X controller. With several of our custom Xbox Series X designs available now. Though this is just the start, we will continue to add many customisation options to make sure you get the best. Explore our Xbox series Custom Controllers 


Xbox Elite Series 2:

For all those players who want the most elite tier of gameplay with their controller. Combining great functionality and custom designs, our Xbox Elite Series 2 custom controller builder is available for you to choose which design you want on your controller. Compatible with any of your Xbox consoles and PC, you can get a brilliant Xbox Elite Series 2 controller that is absolutely perfect for you. You can select whichever designs and part customisation you want. Though the choices may be a bit limited at this time, we want to assure you that over time you will find more and more available. Create your own Xbox Elite Controller

PS4 DualShock Controller:

And for those people who love the feel of a great PS4 controller, we are still continuing to add more and more customisation options for our Create Your Own PS4 controller builder. You can choose designs from our unique collection, that you will not find anywhere else, and change the colour of numerous parts. So that your controller is super unique. You can customise and purchase your own personalised controller for a great price. Customise your dream PS4 controller 

PS5 DualSense Controller:

Just got your hands on a PS5? Enhance your next-gen experience even further with our Create Your Own PS5 controller builder. We allow you to customise the colour and design of the brand-new DualSense controller, so that you get a personalised PS5 controller that represents you the most. Combining powerful features with wonderful colours, you will not be disappointed with your controller. Create your own PS5 Dualsense controller and own the battlefield. 


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