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New PS Now Games for April

New PS Now Games for April-Custom Controllers UK

PlayStation Now is a subscription-based service, allowing you to stream hundreds of different games online on whichever device you want to play it on. Whether you want to play on your PS5, PS4 or on your PC, you can. There are hundreds of different titles from the PS2, PS3 and PS4 which you can play, with more being added every month. And so, this month there are three more games being added to this streaming based service. This April you can stream Marvel’s Avengers, Borderlands 3 and The Long Dark with PS Now.

Marvel’s Avengers

The first game on this list is Marvel’s Avengers, a game from Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix. A game where you can play as your favourite Marvel superheroes, allowing you to fight enemies with powerful abilities associated with each hero. Your favourite heroes, like Captain America and Iron Man, are made and inspired by Marvel lore. Making them feel just like the heroes they are based on. Experience an inspired campaign, a devastating multiplayer and much more. Now available on PS Now.

Borderlands 3

The second of the new April PS Now games, is Borderlands 3. The fourth entry into the massive Borderlands series. A first-person looter shooter that has you fighting massive threats and hunting mysterious vaults, that contain great amounts of loot, and also dangerous creatures. You can select one of four vault hunters that are all unique and powerful in their own separate ways. Unleash the mayhem with billions of different weapons, to become the ultimate badass.

The Long Dark

The third and final game being added to PS Now this month is The Long Dark. An open world survival game where you must survive the forces of nature in a cold and dangerous environment, where you must overcome multiple challenges. You can enjoy an interesting story mode, with 5 episodes available within the first season. Or do what you wish in the Long Dark’s survival mode, where if you die your save is deleted. There is no hand holding, you must gather supplies and fight harsh conditions in a huge natural world where you are on your own. This is a game about survival of the fittest.

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