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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Review

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Review

In September 2023, a remake of the 2004 classic Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door was announced during a Nintendo presentation, set to release mid-2024, now in May 2024 the game is finally here and it’s time to get talking about it! Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door released May 23rd, 2024, and is an adventure, action role-playing video game based on the Nintendo Switch. Now the game is finally here so let’s welcome back super paper mario and take a look at what we can expect, to see if this remake is really worth it or not.


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Is the new paper Mario a remake?

As we mentioned, the game is a remake of the original game from 20 years ago. The new edition was released in 2024 for the 20th anniversary of the iconic GameCube classic. This remake includes improved graphics, animations, and developed characters. It gives a fresh feel to the classic game and is a remake that has been done right, enough changes have been made to give it that fresh approach whilst still keeping the games original authentic feel.


Does Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door have a good story?

The new game is very similar to the original, just with a couple added tweaks. When Mario and Princess Peach get involved in the search for a mystic treasure that holds great fortune, Peach gets caught up in trouble and gets kidnapped by an alien group called the X-Nauts; Mario sets out to find the treasure, on the lookout for a number of magical objects that will help to save the princess! Along the way, he meets a selection of interesting allies who are hiding in unique environments and areas.


Is the Paper Mario Thousand-Year Door worth it?

It is a great option for young families and kids to play together, not too difficult, and full of engaging, exciting gameplay. Plus offers a great nostalgic feel for parents. Overall, we struggled to find many things we disliked about this game. Some other gamers did state that they found the game a bit too simple at some points and that there weren’t that many changes to the game when it comes to the actual gameplay. However, we are very impressed with the game and the way the 2024 edition plays.


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Pros: Cons: 
  • Enjoyable combat
  • Great environments
  • Brilliant fresh approach
  • Long load times sometimes
  • Sometimes too simple



Have you tried the paper mario 1000 year door game out yet? What do you think about Nintendo creating yet another remake? We are happy with this remake and like it’s fresh yet still nostalgic approach. But we want to know your thoughts. Make sure to tell us in the comments below what you are thinking. And if you’re not keen on this game, we have plenty more video game options on our website waiting for you! Check them out now!

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