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Hitman 3- A Great Start to 2021

Hitman 3- A Great Start to 2021-Custom Controllers UK

Hitman 3 is the third instalment and conclusion of the Hitman series, and it is a very strong entry. Entering into the world of assassination with an enjoyable and extremely re-playable experience. Allowing you to take on your enemies in a mass multitude of different ways, ranging from using and experiencing different approaches to a vast arsenal of weaponry. It is an extraordinary game that offers you beautiful visuals, fun and unique level designs, entertaining weaponry and much more.

In Hitman 3, everything you find can be used as a weapon. Whether you want to use a banana to harm your enemy, or go guns blazing with a range of lethal weaponry. But weaponry is only one of the key aspects of this game, there are also different distractions you can use like setting off a firearm, or throwing an item you have in your inventory. Along with the ability to use different disguises to access different and restricted areas, for example, you can knock out a security guard and take his disguise in order to enter a security room without suspicion. These features give you so much opportunity to go down different approaches in order to complete the level you are on.

On the subject of levels, Hitman 3 has introduced a wonderful selection of new and unique levels that are absolutely stunning. The amount of detail included within the levels is top notch, allowing you to progress through a level using every little detail that the level gives you. Whether it is through people talking, or visual information, there is so much detail available within the level that is extraordinary. The levels in this game are also very visually pleasing, with a collection of great views and stunning environments available to be experienced, no matter what console you are on. It is also very important to note that Hitman 3 also includes all the levels from Hitman 1 and 2 (as long as you have completed them before). These levels, and all weapons included within both games, are all updated to be on the level of Hitman 3, and offer lots of entertainment and approaches for you to enjoy. This allows you to use any weapons you want, on any level that you want, giving you a great amount of content for the value.

The mass variety of approaches to complete levels are certainly some of the best experiences I have ever had in a game, with stealth approaches certainly taking the crown. Thanks to the mass variety of tools available at your disposal, the opportunity to take out your target without being seen is a very unique and entertaining experience. The stealth is absolutely astonishing. You don’t have to go full stealth if you do not want to, but the stealth is a must do for this game. There is never one single approach you have to use in order to complete a level, there are many, many approaches that involve different locations, items, methods of completion and much more. This is what make the approaches so great, the fact you can play the same level multiple times and you have the opportunity to go down a unique approach every time.

The approaches for this game also tie in a lot with the story for the different levels. As you explore the levels of Hitman, multiple approaches and stories will become available for you to take in order to kill your targets. These stories and approaches are all incredible, offering you different ways to approach the game and experience different options and tales. With the murder mystery in Thornbridge Manor being high in praise, an extremely enjoyable approach and story that you can experience. Whether it is eavesdropping on a conversation, or discovering one of many locations, there are many ways to unlock details and information that will assist you. Upon that, the overall story of Hitman 3 is good. The overall plot is enjoyable, and includes some very memorable moments throughout that deserve high praise.

As previously stated, the replay ability of this game is very strong. With the capability to play levels from the two previous entries being a main plus. But there are some other game modes worth mentioning. There is the sniper assassin game mode, where you have to eliminate your targets from a distance with alerting anyone. This mode doesn’t involve much exploration unlike the campaign, but is still an entertaining experience. Another great mode is ghost mode, where you go 1 on 1 online with another hitman (this will be another player online). You don’t know who they are, but you have to take them out before they get to you. There are many other game modes to be explored, with a few being based around challenges within the campaign.
Hitman 3 is an extraordinary experience overall, giving you that true feeling of playing and experiencing the world of assassination. With so many great features, story-telling, gameplay and much more, this game deserves high praise. This game has set some high standards for 2021, and it will be great to see what else comes out over time.

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