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About Us

Welcome to Custom Controllers UK, the leading manufacturer for customised gaming controllers. Our specially trained team customise controllers by hand and we offer up to 550 different designs over our website. Custom Controllers UK is renowned for having the biggest range of designs worldwide. 

Custom Controllers UK established in November 2007 offering repair and modification services. Shortly after, the customer base grew online which allowed development of a website to offer a selection of customised controllers. As customer base continued to grow so did the product range Custom Controllers had to offer.


After the very first collaboration which was with the sportswear giant ‘Nike’, Custom Controllers rocketed ahead in its own market moving forward to create hundreds of new designs to release to the fan base it had developed. This attracted Games developer ‘Konami’ which formed another collaboration for Custom Controllers. The collaboration was for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Due to its huge success on release day Konami returned to Custom Controllers to Collaborate on another game ‘Pro Evolution Soccer 16’, The controller was provided to major press outlets, PES ambassadors and Gaming Celebrities during the release of PES 16 in September 2015. After the success of both collaborations Custom Controllers earned the reputation of the “go-to-guys for custom controllers.

Over the space of 12 months in 2014 to 2015 the online fan base had grown from a total of 26,000 followers to a staggering 130,000+ over Twitter and Instagram which are the brands preferred sharing platforms. As of January 2019, the online presence of Custom Controllers caters to over 200,000 fans which is growing at an incredible rate week on week. The fan base created by Custom Controllers has all its major collaboration partners to thank such as YouTube group ‘The Sidemen,’ Grime collective ‘Boy Better Know,’ PUMA Football, Pro Evolution Soccer and many more.