Hunger Games Simulator

The Hunger Games Simulator is an online, text-based game that allows players to simulate the events of the Hunger Games, a fictional competition in which tributes from different districts fight to the death until only one remains.


The simulator is designed to be a fun and interactive way for fans to engage with the Hunger Games universe. Here's how it works:

  1. Players start by selecting or randomising a set of tributes. These can be characters from the books, films, or custom-created tributes.
  2. Once the tributes are chosen, the simulation begins. The game generates a series of events, such as alliances formed, fights, and deaths.
  3. The events are presented as short, text-based descriptions, often with humorous or unexpected outcomes.
  4. The simulation continues until only one tribute remains, who is then declared the winner of the Hunger Games.

The simulator often includes elements and locations from the Hunger Games series, such as the Cornucopia, tracker jackers, and sponsor gifts.


One of the appealing aspects of the Hunger Games Simulator is the ability to customise the experience. Many versions of the simulator allow players to:

  • Create their own tributes with custom names, appearances, and skills.
  • Adjust the number of tributes and the length of the simulation.
  • Add custom events or modify the likelihood of certain events occurring.

This customisation allows players to create unique scenarios and explore different outcomes in the Hunger Games universe.

Popularity and Variants

The Hunger Games Simulator has gained popularity amongst fans of the series, particularly online. There are several different versions of the simulator available, created by fans and hosted on various websites.

Some notable variants include:

  • The Hunger Games Simulator by BrantSteele, one of the most well-known and frequently updated versions.
  • The Hunger Games Simulator by Kribsco, which features a map of the arena and more detailed event descriptions.

These simulators often inspire fan discussions, artwork, and fiction based on the generated outcomes.

Fun Facts

  • The Hunger Games Simulator is purely a fan-created game and is not officially affiliated with the Hunger Games books, films, or author Suzanne Collins.
  • Some fans have used the simulator to create crossover scenarios, pitting characters from different fictional universes against each other in a Hunger Games-style competition.
  • The simulator's popularity has even inspired some fans to create video versions of the simulations, complete with animated tributes and narration.

While the Hunger Games Simulator is not an official game, it demonstrates the creativity and engagement of the Hunger Games fan community. The simulator provides a unique and entertaining way for fans to interact with the world of Panem and imagine alternate outcomes for their favourite characters.