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Use code BFFRIDAY22 for 15% off EVERYTHING


Use code BFFRIDAY22 for 15% off EVERYTHING

Xbox Series X Controller Repairs

Is your Xbox Series X controller damaged? Our Xbox Series X Repair Service will bring back that quality that you love with your controller.

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Xbox Series X Controller Repair Service

Our Xbox controller repair will take on multiple issues that you are having with your controller. For example, if your controller is suffering from stick drift then you can send it in and have it repaired. And it will feel like your analogue stick never drifted.

Our controller repairs for Xbox Series X will get rid of some of those pesky and irritating issues your controller has, including:

  • Xbox Series X Controller Button Replacement/Repair
  • Xbox Series X Controller D-Pad Repair/Replace
  • Xbox Series X Controller Stick Drift Repair/Replace
  • Xbox Series X Controller Trigger Repair/Replace
  • Xbox Series X Controller RB LB Repair/Replace

So, when you encounter one of these annoying issues with your controller, we are here to offer repairs to reverse the damage and restore that original quality. Common issues like button damage can be easily solved with our Xbox controller button replacement, giving you new buttons that feel brilliant. Or when your RB and LB become stuck or break, we will repair them or replace them for that excellent feel.

What You Can Expect From Us

And whenever you send your Xbox controller to us, we will make sure that is handled with care. Our controller specialists will carefully repair your controller before it returns to you in much greater quality.

Need a Different Repair Service?

Want to get a different controller repaired? We offer Xbox Elite Controller repair services and Xbox One Controller repair services to fix a number of different controller problems.