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Xbox One Elite V2 Controller

Conquer the pinnacle of gaming with the Xbox Elite Controller V2. The Elite controller version 2 does everything the original Xbox Elite Controller can and multiplies it by 10.

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We’ve taken Xbox Elite V2 Controllers and fitted them with great custom skins. Making custom elite controllers that will allow you to decimate your opponents, thanks to the extraordinary features and functions that will blow your mind.

It is even compatible with the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One and Windows 10 PC and we offer a 12-month warranty so that there are any problems we will be able to help you. The enhanced features and extras included in this controller include:

  • Texturized grips are designed for more comfort and a far better gripping on the product.
  • Short hair triggers are designed for you to be able to fire faster.
  • Three sets of changeable thumbsticks, where you can alter the tension of the thumbsticks. Changeable metal d-pads.
  • 4 changeable paddles can be attached to the back of the controller, 2 small paddles and 2 medium paddles. An adjustment tool is also included for them.
  • Maximum of 40 hours battery life.

Your game will never feel any better. Our custom elite series 2 controllers not only have all the parts and features that you would get from an official Xbox Elite controller, but they have seriously wicked designs that are meant to drop your jaw. And the best part, we only use genuine brand-new Xbox Elite controllers.

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