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Xbox One - 3D Editions

Get a better feel for your game with our 3D Custom Xbox Controllers.

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It is time to take a step up and think to the next dimension. And here it is. Our 3D Xbox controllers are now available for you to get your hands on. The Xbox One controller has never looked better. Though the base design may be simple and in one colour, it is our 3D effect that makes these designs extraordinary. We have made a 3D water droplet design that gives the controller a feeling of realism. Like the controller has been dashed with a bucket of water. It isn't easy to find custom Xbox One controllers better than this. 

You may find our 3D edition Xbox custom controller collection a bit empty. But there is no need to worry. We have something in particular that you will love. Introducing our 3D Shadow Edition collections for both Xbox One and PS4. We have always taken pride in our controllers, but these are simply extraordinary. We have combined our Shadow edition controllers with the 3D effects you can find in this category, to make a series of Xbox custom controllers that are packed with vibrant colours and wonderful feelings. 

And to make things even better, we go through multiple processes and tests to make sure that our controllers work just as good as they look. When creating our customised Xbox controllers, we will only use completely genuine brand-new Xbox controllers. No refurbs or used controllers, only new. Once a controller is made, we then also proceed to test it based on a 20-point checklist. Here we ensure that the controller works fully as expected and that all of the features you would expect from any official Xbox controller are included. Such as the following:

  • New thumbsticks and d-pad that is redesigned for peak performance
  • Incredible impulse triggers that deliver fine feedback
  • Greater control with the new textured grips
  • Compatibility with Xbox and Windows platforms
  • Wireless play from 18-feet away
  • An extremely useful 3.5mm stereo headset jack
  • And many other mighty features

Thanks to the Xbox One controllers’ compatibility with the Xbox Series X and PC, you can use this controller on whichever platform you like. Except for PlayStation of course. No more switching controllers while playing, no more adapting to alternate controls. Just connect your Xbox One controller to the platform of your choice and start playing. And because the Xbox One controller is fully compatible, it means that no features or parts will be restricted. Play the way that you are used to now.

Want to see more of what we have made? Then it is definitely worth exploring our collection of exclusive Xbox Series X controllers. This is the best place to view the designs we have made. Many of them are available for multiple platforms too! For example, our Hyper Space edition is now available for PlayStation 5 alongside Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Featuring a purple and blue liquid-like design that feels like it is flowing in your hands. Or even our Stealth Edition. It may look like a normal black controller, but it has a hidden feature. Beneath the buttons, thumbsticks and D-Pad are a series of LEDs that will glow as you play. 

Can't find your perfect controller? Then why not make it? We have expanded our range of Create Your Own Controller builders with additional controllers, designs and personalisation options. Making your dream controller has never been easier. Simply pick your controller and then customise it. You may even find some of our 3D designs available to pick. Then once you have finished you can choose to personalise. Engrave your name or gamer tag, include a modification or even create your own controller stand!