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Look the Best! Play with the Best! Stand out from the crowd,
Look the Best! Play with the Best! Stand out from the crowd,

PS5 DualSense Controller Repairs

Return your PS5 DualSense controller to its original quality with our PS5 Controller Repair Service.

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PS5 Controller Repair Service

With our PS5 DualSense Controller Repair Service, you can send in your favourite damaged PS5 controller and we will resolve any issues it may have. And that includes:

  • PS5 Controller Stick Drift Repair/Replace
  • PS5 Controller L2 R2 Repair/Replace - Haptic Feedback Repair
  • PS5 Controller L1 R1 Repair/Replace
  • PS5 Controller Button Replacement/repair

What You Can Expect From Us

If you decide to send your PS5 controller for repair, you can be sure the issue you may have will be quickly and safely resolved. Like if your PS5 Controller analogue sticks are drifting as you play, you can send it in and we will return it fully repaired. Or if your L2 and R2 triggers are acting up and haptic feedback isn’t working as it should, then you can expect a PS5 trigger spring replacement to get it working again.

And to make sure your PS5 Controller gets fully repaired without any issues, any controller that you send in will be handled by one of our controller specialists. Who will make sure that your controller is repaired and then returned to you without any delay.

Need a Different Repair Service?

Looking for different repair services? We have a number of different repair services for different controllers. Like our PS4 Controller Repair and Xbox Controller Repair.