Shadow Edition PS4 Controllers

Embrace the dark with our shadow edition

Embrace the dark with our shadow edition PS4 custom controllers.

Shadow Edition Custom PS4 Controllers

Welcome to our collection of Shadow Edition Custom PS4 Controllers. The shadow is yours to control, now on PlayStation 4. Our shadow designs combine the best of light and dark, creating a bold colour scheme that takes the PS4 controller to the very top level. We have both the Red Shadow edition and Purple Shadow edition available for you to choose from. Though we do not have many colour variants currently, what we do have available we can guarantee is at the top level of quality. Get the ultimate custom PlayStation 4 controller today. 

3D Shadow PS4 Designs

We may not have many colour variants for our Shadow Editions. But we do have something better. Our 3D Shadow Editions are also available for PS4! We have combined our shadow designs with incredible 3D effects to create the ultimate designs. Find additional colours too, including 3D white shadow and 3D blue shadow editions. And if you are not a PS4 player, you are in luck because our Shadow Editions and 3D Shadow Editions are available for Xbox One today! Get the design you loved on the platform of your choice. 

Building Our PS4 Controllers

It is important to us that you get the best PS4 controller that you possibly can so that you get the best controller experience every time. To ensure you get the best custom PlayStation controllers we only use genuine brand-new PS4 controllers to create them. But we don't stop there. Once a controller is created, it is put through a 20-point quality control checklist. This helps us to make sure every controller is of the top quality that is expected. Any controller that doesn't pass will not be sent out.

PS4 Controller Features

Every controller that we have will be the best and contain all of the parts and features you expect from any official PS4 controller. 

  • A bright and glowing light bar
  • Audibly pleasing audio with the built-in speaker
  • An incredibly smooth pad that works in-game
  • And even more.

Is the PS4 Controller Compatible With PS5?

Gameplay with our customised PS4 controllers is simply phenomenal. With great usage and amazing customisation being two major parts. With PlayStation 4 controllers being compatible with PS5 (on PS4 games), a good PS4 controller will serve you well. With every controller you can enjoy the best features and controls, making your game an absolute joy to play. 

More PS4 Custom Controller Designs

Not what you are looking for? Our Shadow editions make up just a very small portion of our entire custom PS4 controller collection. If you would like to see everything that we have, we recommend looking at our whole custom DualShock controller collection. Or if you have made the move to next-gen, you can make your gameplay perfect now with a PS5 custom controller. Enjoying top of the line features and controls combined with specialised designs. 

Make Your Own PS4 Controller

Want something more personal? Not only can you now add your name to most of the controllers across our website, but you can further customise and personalise any controller within our Create Your Own Controller builders. Choose the controller you want the most before customising it with our wide variety of designs and colour options. Make it yours by including a modification, engraving a name or gamer tag or even creating your own stand. 

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