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Nintendo Docks

Put your Nintendo Switch in a sweet new custom switch dock and enjoy your big screen gameplay with an incredible new look.

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Customise Your Switch Experience

Customisation is a massive part of gaming and with our range of Nintendo Switch custom docks, you can pop your Nintendo Switch into a way cooler and more colourful dock and connect your device to your television. Giving you a way more amazing look on your dock and gameplay experience compared to the plain grey Switch dock.

Get a Phenomenal Look on a Switch Dock

We offer a range of designs and colours that look absolutely incredible both when your Nintendo Switch is docked, or when it isn’t. Take for instance our universe edition Nintendo dock. A super colourful design inspired by the space beyond our world. Bringing galactical designs and colours and planting them into one dock for an incredible look.

More Incredible Custom Switch Docks

Or if you want something that is full of nostalgia, our scare edition and SNES classic editions are two must-haves. With the scare edition being inspired and focused around some of the world’s most popular and recognisable horror villains and characters. And our SNES classic edition is inspired and focused around the classic Super Nintendo Entertainment System, so that some of the older gamers can get a dock that is full of nostalgia.

What to Expect From Our Custom Nintendo Switch Docks

And all of our custom Switch docks are made completely from genuine brand-new Nintendo Switch docks. We do this to make sure that whenever you decide to pick up one of our docks, you get a superb level of quality that works just as you expect along with the features that are necessary for your Switch. And these features are as followed:

  • Two USB ports on the side of the dock and one on the back (USB 2.0 compatible)
  • A system connector for you to connect your Switch
  • An AC adapter port so that you can power your Nintendo Switch.
  • An HDMI port for you to connect your dock directly to your TV.

A Sweet New Look

The Nintendo Switch dock is an incredibly useful accessory that allows for some excellent usage with the Switch. And we have taken that accessory and given it a wicked new look that offers all of the required features while displaying an extraordinary look.

Match The Dock to The Controller

Loving these designs? You can find a lot of these designs on our custom Nintendo Joy Cons as well! You can find the custom joycon that matches your dock for the complete look on your Nintendo Switch. Or find a completely unique Joy Con that suits you the most.