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Xbox Games With Gold July 2023

Xbox Games With Gold July 2023-Custom Controllers UK

For this month, enjoy two completely different genres, attempt to survive the frights of the night in the survival horror game Darkwood or enter a world of puzzles and relaxation with When The Past Was Around. These two games with be available through July for Xbox Games With Gold Members on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

In this blog, we dive into each entry, giving you an insight of what to expect from the games – the adventure awaits!



The first Games With Gold title for July is Darkwood, the survival, horror game that builds tension without relying on any jumpscares. In the survival game, players spend the day exploring the open world, collecting materials and weapons to keep them safe. Then when evening falls, players spend the night trying to survive from monsters in the dark, by either hiding from them or fighting them.

Darkwood is the perfect horror experience for any player who loves horror but without the gory graphics and jumpscares.

However, if you are looking for something a little more relaxing, why not check out the other Games With Gold title When The Past Was Around?

When the past was around:

The second Games With Gold title is a completely different type of game called When The Past Was Around. When The Past Was Around is a calm, meditative puzzle game about love, featuring the main characters Eda and Owl. In this game, players solve puzzles and unlock secrets about a girl and her lover.

The pastel-coloured visuals create a very relaxing atmosphere perfect for anyone and its short gameplay of about 2 hours means you won’t have to spend too much of your time completing the gameplay.

Last months Games With Gold:

  • Adios
  • The Vale: Shadow of the Crown


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