Most influential Video Games Of Each Year

Most influential Video Games Of Each Year-Custom Controllers UK

Since the release of the very first gaming console back in 1972, the growth of the gaming industry has been huge. With the advancement of technology, gaming has been getting more and more popular. That’s why we’ve decided to look into the most influential video games that came from each year since 2000.

We will be considering what other popular titles were also released each year, awards the game won, sales after each release, plus if the game now has any more additional releases or spin offs.



2000: The Sims:

Plot: This comedy drama game allows players to create and control their own ‘Sims’. Build a house for them and build up their lives in this decision-making game.

Game Releases In Series: 4

Awards Won- 2001 Game of the Year, 2000 Game of the Year, 2000 Game of the Year.

Success: The Sims has sold over 175 million units since its first release 23 years ago, with each new addition becoming more and more popular gaining more sales.

 Pros: Cons:
  • Open-end gameplay
  • No restrictions on control for player.
  • No pets other than fish.
  • Requires lots of power from computer

    2001: GTA III:

    Plot: This crime game follows a young bank robber who escapes from the police and works his way through the mafia ladder of Liberty City.

    Game Releases In Series: 14

    Awards Won- 2002 Game of the Year, 2001 Action Game of the Year.

    Success: Sold 5.4 million copies since its release.

    Other honourable Mentions:

    • Halo: Combat Evolved
    • Silent Hill 2
     Pros: Cons:
    • Non-linear gameplay
    • Free control when playing
    • Unable to see behind when on foot effectively. 



    2002: Warcraft III:

    Plot: Warcraft III is an adventure game that is based on defeating the demons of the Burning Legion and their undead monsters.

    Game Releases In Series: 3

    Success: Sold 3 million copies when initially released.

    Other honourable mentions:

    • Super Mario Sunshine
    • Battlefield 1942
     Pros: Cons:
    • Exciting storyline
    • Multiplayer features
    • Struggles to work on new consoles/systems


    2003: Call of Duty:

    Plot: In this action-adventure game, players are able to play as three nations, British, Russian and American, to help defeat the Germans in this game set in 1944.

    Game Releases In Series: 22 mainline games.

    Awards Won- 1 BAFTA Award, 2004 Best Game on any Platform.

    Success: One of the biggest gaming series there is, since its release 23 years ago, the game has made about £19 billion altogether.

    Other honourable mentions:

    • Prince of Persia
    • Jak II
     Pros: Cons:
    • Cinematic intensity
    • Strong graphics for release time
    • Some bugs with AI computer characters within game


    2004: GTA San Andreas:

    Plot: San Andreas is a crime game which follows a member of a street gang, who comes home to discover the town has been taken over by crime, which he must try to stop.

    Game Releases In Series: 14

    Awards Won- 2005 Choice Video Game, 2005 Outstanding Achievement in Soundtrack, 2005 Action Game of the Year, 2005 Voice Performer Award.

    Success: Titled the best-selling video game of 2004, it sold 27.5 million copies within 7 years.

    Other honourable mentions:

    • Halo 2
    • Half Life 2


    2005: Resident Evil 4:

    Plot: Players control the special agent who is on a mission to rescue the president’s daughter, fighting enemies infected by a mind-controlling parasite.

    Game Releases In Series: 10 mainline games.

    Awards Won- 2006 Best Video Game Release, 2005 Game of the Year, 2005 Best Graphics.

    Success: The game has made an estimated 12 million sales.

    Other honourable mentions:

    • Guitar Hero
    • Silent Hunter III


    2006: New Super Mario Bros.:

    Plot: Princess Peach is kidnapped by Bowser, and it is up to Mario to travel across 8 different worlds to rescue her.

    Game Releases In Series: 49 altogether.

    Awards Won: 2006 Outstanding Action/Adventure Game, 2006 Best Handheld game.

    Success: Sold over 30 million copies worldwide.

    Other honourable mentions:

    • Wii Sports
    • Final Fantasy XII

    2007: Call of duty:

    Plot: In this game, players take the role of ‘Soap’, as they progress through the scenarios, including numerous airstrikes, and helicopter attacks.

    Game Releases In Series: 22 mainline games

    Awards Won: 2009 Best Story and Character Award, 2009 Best Gameplay Award, 2008 Overall Game of the Year.

    Success: Sold over 7 million copies within the first year.

    Other honourable mentions:

    • Bio Shock – one of best games
    • Portal


    2008: GTA IV:

    Plot: Action-crime video game based on a character called Niko Bellic, who has to help his indebted cousin with financial troubles in any way possible.  

    Game Releases In Series: 14

    Awards Won: 2008 Best Action-Adventure Game, 2008 Best Male Voice Award, 2009 Best Supporting Performance in a Drama.

    Success: GTA 5 is the highest selling GTA game making up 45% of total GTA sales, over 10 years later the game is currently on about 180 million shipments worldwide.

    Other honourable mentions:

    • Mario Kart Wii – second highest mario kart game
    • Fallout 3


    2009: Assassins Creed II:

    Plot: Assassins Creed II is an action adventure game which is based on a character training to become a modern day Assassin, who uncovers a huge Templar Conspiracy.

    Game Releases In Series: 12 mainline games.

    Awards Won: 2010 Music of the Year, 2010 Best Console Game, 2010 Best Technology, 2010 Best Visual Arts, 2010 Best Game Designs, 2009 Best Action Adventure Game.

    Success: This game was the companies bestselling video game of the series, selling around 1.6 million copies within its first week of release.

    Other honourable mentions:

    • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
    • Resident Evil 5


    2010: God of War III:

    Plot: Fantasy Adventure game where players must take on Greek mythology’s monsters to destroy Olympus and Zeus.

    Game Releases In Series: 8

    Awards Won: 2011 Supporting Performance in a Drama, 2011 Graphics Award, 2011 Artistic Achievement.

    Success: This game was such a success, it was actually remastered in 2015 and called God of War 3 Remastered, with even more improved and impressive visuals.

    Other honourable mentions:

    • Super Mario Galaxy 2
    • Red Dead Redemption

    2011: Batman: Arkham City:

    Plot: In this action crime genre, the game sets players as The Dark Knight, who has to stop the criminals of Arkham City from causing chaos around the city.

    Game Releases In Series: 8

    Awards Won: 2 BAFTAS for, 2012 Best Performer, 2012 Best Action Game.

    Success: This game became one of the best open world game releases the Xbox 360 ever had, making over $600 million.

    Other honourable mentions:

    • Portal 2
    • NBA 2k12

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    2012: Journey:

    Plot: This fantasy game sets players on a journey towards a glowing mountain to discover its secrets.

    Game Releases In Series: 1 Game.

    Awards Won: 4 BAFTA awards, 2013 Best Original Music, 2013 Audio Achievement, 2013 Artistic Achievement, 2013 Game Design.

    Success: Sold more than 6 million copies and also introduced the independent game scene to the gaming industry.

    Other honourable mentions:

    • The Walking Dead – 8 million first year
    • Diablo III


    2013: GTA V:

    Plot: Action-comedy game where three criminals team up for a series of heists in the city of Los Santos.

    Game Releases In Series: 14

    Awards Won: 3 BAFTA Awards, 2014 Best Multiplayer Award, 2014 Game Design, 2014 Best British Game.

    Success: Within 10 years of its release, the game has sold over 180 million units, with 5 million of these units being sold within the last 3 months in 2023.

    Other honourable mentions:

    • The last of us 
    • Super Mario 3D World


    2014: Dark Souls II:

    Plot: This adventure game sets players on a journey to Drangleic, to hope to find a cure before everyone goes insane.

    Game Releases In Series: 3 mainline games.

    Success: 1.2 million units were sold within the games first month of being released.

    Other honourable mentions:

    • Alien: Isolation
    • Mario Kart 8

    2015: The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt:

    Plot: In this action drama, players game as a monster slayer, who is searching for his adopted daughter, who is a living weapon that can bring the world to an end.

    Game Releases In Series: 3

    Awards Won: 2016 Best Female Lead, 2016 Best Sound Editing in a Game, 2016 Game of the Year.

    Success: Over 50 million copies have been sold since the games initial release.

    Other honourable mentions:

    • Metal Gear Solid V
    • Rocket League


    2016: Overwatch:

    Plot: Action fantasy game where players join forces with former agents to fight a new threat after a detrimental war.

    Game Releases In Series: 2

    Awards Won: 2 BAFTA Awards, 2018 Best Evolving Game, 2017 Best Multiplayer.

    Success: The original game had over 7 million players when it was released, since 2018 it now has over 50 million players.

    Other honourable mentions:

    • Dark Souls III
    • Battlefield 1


    2017: Super Mario Odyssey:

    Plot:  In this animation action game, players become Mario who must travel through worlds to stop bowser from marrying Princess Peach.

    Game Releases In Series: 49 altogether.

    Awards Won: 2 BAFTA Awards, 2018 Best Game Design, 2018 Best Family Game.

    Success: Was the best selling game on the switch at the time, selling 9 million copies by the end of 2017.

    Other honourable mentions:

    • Assassins Creed Origins
    • Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    2018: God of War:

    Plot: In this drama game, players embark on an odyssey across a world of dangerous gods and creatures.

    Game Releases In Series: 10

    Awards Won: 5 BAFTA Awards, 2019 Audio Achievement, 2019 Best Game, 2019 Best Music, 2019 Best Narrative, 2019 Best Performer.

    Success: The 2018 reboot was one of the biggest titles ever released exclusively for PlayStation, making around 23 million sales.

    Other honourable mentions:

    • Monster Hunt: World
    • Red Dead Redemption 2


    2019: Call of Duty Modern Warfare:

    Plot: In this thriller game, players go on a journey to retrieve stolen chemical weapons, travelling from London and the Middle East to further, attempting to stop a global war.

    Game Releases In Series: 22 mainline games.

    Awards Won: 2020 Outstanding Sound Editing, 2020 Use of Sound Award, 2019 Best Audio Design, 2019 Best Audio Score.

    Success: This remastered edition became one of the best-selling Call Of Duty games, selling over 30 million copies.

    Other honourable mentions:

    • Apex Legends
    • Resident Evil 2


    2020: Animal Crossing New Horizons:

    Plot: This fantasy game allows players to become a customisable character who moves to a new island and begins to settle in there, completing tasks and building up their life.

    Game Releases In Series: 8 mainline games.

    Awards Won: 2 BAFTA Awards, 2021 Game Entertainment Award, 2021 Best Multiplayer.

    Success: Due to the COVID pandemic, this game gained extreme popularity, selling 42.2 million units altogether and 5 million of these in a single month, the most than any other console game in history.

    Other honourable mentions:

    • Call of Duty: Warzone
    • Fall Guys


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