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Why Xbox Flight Simulator Will be Impressive

Why Xbox Flight Simulator Will be Impressive-Custom Controllers UK

E3 gave us a massive number of game reveals not too long ago that we are all excited about. Games like Halo Infinite, Battlefield 2042 and Starfield all stole the show, and it's obvious as to why. But a number of games with great potential managed to slip through the cracks, and Flight Simulator for the Xbox Series X is definitely one of them.

Though it is not a brand-new game, or has massive high-paced action, it sounds and looks really impressive. The idea of a game as detailed and massive as Flight Simulator being available on a console, after being solely made on PC for decades, is amazing to think about. We won't have to wait long until it releases either! On the 27th July, we will get to experience this game.

Now I am going to go over why I think this game is going to be a worth while experience.

Massive Detailed World

Microsoft Flight Simulator uses satellite information and cloud-based AI to its advantage. Making an absolutely giant world that can be simulated. We are talking over 37,000 different airports, over 2 million cities, 1.5 billion real-life buildings, giant mountain ranges and so much more. And all of this detail within the PC version, will be the same for Xbox Series X.

It is also worth mentioning that the world created within Microsoft Flight Simulator is packed with thousands of different roads, types of nature and wildlife like trees and animals and so much more. Which makes the game feel truly real.

But that is not all. You can also expect real-time weather, which includes challenges like: changing wind-speed and direction, rain and lightning, timid and extreme temperatures and cloud layering and cover.

And all of this sounds super impressive, especially for a game coming to console from PC. The requirements for a game like Microsoft Flight Simulator are super high, and the fact Xbox Series X is going to be able to meet all of them is simply amazing. Just showing the pure brilliance of the performance of the Xbox Series X. This game is going to run beautifully.


Because Microsoft Flight Simulator has already been out on PC for around a year, there has been plenty of content that has been very finely made to improve the experience. So that when it releases on Xbox Series X, all the content has been well tuned.

This includes all of the available world updates. Which are: World Update 1: Japan, World Update 2: USA, World Update 3: UK and Ireland, World Update 4: France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg and World Update 5: Nordics (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland). All of which very deeply upgrade all of these areas to make them even more visually wonderful.

All of the themed DLCs and vehicles that have been made in the PC version will be completely included with the Xbox Series X version of Flight Simulator.

You’ll get to take control of a multitude of different vehicles as you play the game, ranging from huge jumbo jets to Crop dusters that can all be flown in numerous different environments and sprawling cities.

Another Game Pass Addition

Upon its launch for Xbox Series X, Microsoft Flight Simulator is going straight onto Xbox Game Pass. This has been happening for a great number of games over several months now and it’s one of the reasons why Xbox Game Pass is so great.

I don’t need to explain why this is such a massive bonus. This huge game being available for free on Game Pass to all subscribers is just brilliant.

And the content combined with the absolutely enormous world are the main reasons as to why I think that Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X will be an amazing addition. We have never seen a game of this size and detail on a console before. Normally needing a high tier PC to run it to its desired result. And the fact we are getting this is not only credited to all the developers involved with the game, but also to the power and performance of the Xbox Series X.

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